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   Chapter 85 Michelle Li

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Jean dazed for a second and lowered her head.

Zed was not his usual this time. He didn't push her away nor was he displeased neither. Instead, he looked happy as if he was with someone he loved.

Were they back together? Jean's face turned pale. It should be a good thing for her if they got back together. But why did her heart hurt so much?

"Mr. Qi, this woman was bullying Eva just now."

"Sue!" Eva frowned and pretended to scold her, "Don't say that."

"But ..." She wanted to say something more but was stopped by Eva's sharp gaze.

Jean raised her head. It was so funny. They acted like they were being bullied by her. She sighed and shook her head, "You guys are already such experts in accusing people? Why not try acting for a career? You'll be able to use that skill to its fullest."

Eva bit her red lips as if she experienced injustice. She looked at Zed as she shook her head, "I didn't. She wouldn't let me leave and was giving me a hard time. I wasn't planning to tell you but she ..."

Jean glared at Eva angrily. She thought it would be better if she didn't fight back but things turned for the worse!

But what surprised her was that Zed was on Eva's side this time. Face darkened, he said with an indifferent tone, "Don't waste your time on her. It's not worth it. Let's go."

Eva didn't expect Zed to say that. She felt extremely flattered and nodded her head instantly. She leaned by his side and walked past Jean with Zed. Sue even gave Jean the middle finger before following Eva away.

Jean froze in place and felt like all her energy had gone. Her heart felt like it was being pressed by a huge stone. Even her breathing became tight.

She was not happy in the following days. She felt like she had not seen the sun light and she became depressed. Luckily, the company had received a big project so everyone was busy, including her.

She got off work late for a few days.

It was finally the weekend. She was planning to go shopping when Michelle called her.

Michelle asked her to meet in a coffee shop. Jean u

tulations. I still remember that you've always hoped to enter the Qi Group since we were in the college. Now it's finally coming true."

Michelle nodded eagerly and said with a big smile, "Yeah. It was tough. Jean, Have you attended any parties or events lately?"

She took a sip of her coffee and then looked at Jean, eyes shimmering.

Jean dazed and inquired confusedly, "No. Are there any class reunions?"

"No, I was just asking. It's been boring lately. So I'd like to go to some upper class parties. If you have any activities like those, do take me with you. Perhaps I can meet some rich guys. Oh, right, Jean, Do you know anyone who is available, and with good background?"

Michelle pondered for a moment and then said, "Someone like Mr. Qi, young, handsome and also rich? Please introduce them to me. My mom have been urging me to find a boyfriend. But I don't have any connections, so ..."

The smile on Jean's lips started to get stiff but was not that obvious. There was a hint of disappointment in her eyes. It turned out that Michelle called Jean out with selfish intentions after all.

Michelle had a standard oval face. Her features were normal. Her eyes were like peach blossom, which were attractive and charming. There were a lot of boys who were after her since college times but she turned down all of them because she looked down on them.

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