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   Chapter 84 Kneel Down

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All Jean's colleagues were extremely busy, but she was the only one with nothing to do.

She had no appetite for lunch at all. So she asked Maranda to bring her a sandwich. It was not until the afternoon that Sonny came back to the office.

When Jean saw Sonny, she buried her head among the document folders. She didn't dare to meet his gaze.

She was able to avoid being seen but her couldn't escape being called.

"Jean, come to my office." Sonny went into his office after calling her out. His tone was very serious.

Jean raised her head and took a deep breath. She finally plucked up the courage to follow Sonny into his office.

Just when Sonny sat down, Jean knocked on the door and entered the office. On the side of the room stood John.

She clenched her teeth, walked up to Sonny and said timidly and guiltily, "Master..."

"I heard that you were sick yesterday. Are you feeling better now?" Sonny stood at his desk and tidied up the scattered documents.

"Er... It's just a fever. I feel much better today." She pressed her lips sightly and took a glance at John.

John stood there solemnly at this time, expressionless.

"Send this document to the Qi Group." Sonny picked up one document from the desk and handed it to John. John took it over and left the office without saying anything.

When Jean heard Sonny mentioned the Qi Group, she felt uneasy for she had messed up the task given to her. She was afraid that Sonny would be disappointed at her. The thought of Zed upset her too. She decided to admit her mistake.

"Master, sorry, I..."

"Since you are much better now, come to a dinner party with me tonight." He ignored her apology directly. However, there was no sign of anger in his seemingly serious face.

'He did not get angry? His tone sounded normal too, ' Jean thought to herself. Only then did she feel a little relieved. Breathing out gently, she then asked, "A dinner party?"

"Just a simple dinner with some of my friends whom I often cooperate with, and also several famous masters in the photography circle. They were all very curious when they heard that I had an apprentice. We agree to have a dinner together tonight, so they asked me to bring you along."

A simple as that!

Jean's anxiety melted away immediately when she heard what Sonny had said. However, seconds later, she hesitated and said, "But I don't have any achievements yet. Are a greenhorn like me qualified to dine with your friends?"

She was afraid of disgracing her master and

e, walked to Jean to stop her from leaving. She raised her eyebrows and said arrogantly, "You must apologize to our Eva first."

Apologize? Jean could not believe what she just heard. She gnawed her teeth. If it weren't for the fact that she wanted to avoid trouble, she wouldn't have stood being treated like this.

If she could leave safe and sound with just an apology, it did not matter at all.

"I'm sorry." Jean said coolly.

Seeing that Jean had bowed down to them so easily, both of the two women stunned.

"Can I leave now?"

"You think a mere apology would solve everything?" Sue continued. It was obvious that they did not want Jean to leave so easily.

Eva folded her arms to her chest and looked at Jean proudly. The mocking smile on her red lips looked rather threatening and ugly.

Jean was very angry, but she could not show her anger or argue with them. She tried to hold back her emotions and smiled before saying, "Well, what else do I need to do?"

"Kneel down!"

"Kneel down?" Jean's eyes widened. She said angrily, "I did what you've asked me to do. Why do I need to kneel down? I'm not letting you have it your way!"

"Who is..."

"Zed!" Eva looked up and waved to show her location. The arrogant expression on her face immediately changed. Sue also closed her mouth. Shocked to hear his name being called, Jean turned around.

Zed walked by Jean. He was dressed in a whole black suit as usual.

When their eyes meet, Zed just gave Jean a glance as if she were a stranger to him.

"Zed! I have been waiting for you for a long time." Eva walked to Zed and held his hand. She leaned on Zed intimately as if they were a couple.

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