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   Chapter 83 I’ll Take Care Of You From Now On

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"Yeah. As you refuse to go to the hospital, I have no choice but to ask the doctor to come over here. Your fever was at 40 degrees. You might die if it was any higher." He said as he sat down on the side of the bed and lifted the bowl in his hand, "You haven't eaten anything today. The doctor said you could only have some light food. Have some porridge."

"Thank you. I can eat it by myself."

"No. I'll feed you since you are still on a drip." He said as he lifted a spoon of rice porridge to her mouth.

Although she really wanted to refuse him, she didn't have any strength so she opened her mouth at last.

"Jean, I'll take care of you from now on." Ethan said as he looked at her with concern and tenderness in his eyes.

She hadn't never imagined that Ethan would appear in her life again and that the man who used to be cynical would take good care of her with tenderness and consideration now.

She recalled the past in her mind.

She didn't want to discuss these issues with Ethan so she avoided mentioning it.

"I'm full now." She looked up to the drip bottle and said, "It's finished."

Ethan put down the bowl and removed the needle from her hand carefully.

"Ethan, I'm much better now. Thank you for what you've done today. Go home now and have some rest." She lowered her head and didn't looked at him.

He dazed for a while and didn't saying anything either. They both kept silent for some time. Minutes passed quickly.

"Jean, you really have changed." After a while, he said these words. The look on his face was very sad. She had never seen him like this.

She started to feel terrible. Maybe it was because he didn't cherish her when she was in love with him.

Jean took a deep breath and said slowly, "I don't know what's wrong with me either. Perhaps I have changed for real. I don't know since when I've become like this. Anyway, Ethan, could you please give me some time to myself?"

She remembered what happened yesterday. She thought she could forget about it after a sleep but what happened yester

able, "Aren't you sick? Why are you here today?"

She gathered herself and looked up. Seeing John, she got out of her chair immediately and asked anxiously, "Sonny came back yesterday?"


"So he knew about..."




"I'm doomed."

Jean walked around. Her anxiety had driven her mad.

He had never seen her troubled like this. It's adorable somehow. He smiled and said, "Sonny knew about the problem but you don't need to worry about it. Sonny said that he will solve it."

"He will solve it?" Jean was even more upset. It had only been a month since she joined the company and she already got Sonny such a big trouble.

She rather die now than face Sonny later.

"Are you better now?" John asked with concern.

"Much better."

She sat down disappointed with herself, both hands cupping her cheeks with despair all over her face.

John was going to explain that Sonny wasn't angry and had known the cause of the problem. As soon as he saw her depressed face, he found it so funny. He didn't explain it to her and turned around to his own spot.

Jean was lost in her thoughts the whole morning. Ethan called in the morning and asked for her whereabouts. She told him that she was at the company. In return, he advised her to eat well and take her pills before he hung up. She wasn't in the mood for anything.

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