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   Chapter 82 Two Persons, Bathtub

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She panicked and got up from the bathtub. However, as soon as she stood up, a pair of powerful arms pushed her back down.

She opened her eyes to find Zed in only a bath towel. He stepped into the bathtub without her consent.

"Hey, you!" Jean turned her head aside and covered her eyes in a panic, "What do you want?"

"What do you think? It's not the first time. What are you scared of?" He moved forward and leaned his body above her. They were against each other now, wet but warm.

Even though it was not the first time she had seen him naked, she was still embarrassed to see him like this. She covered her eyes subconsciously and wanted to get out of the bathtub. But she couldn't since his strength was greater than hers.

The light in the bathroom was soft. Her white shirt was soaked and her body was exposed to some extent in front of Zed.

Her hair was wet as well and some were sticking on her cheek. Her fine face flushed red. She looked pretty charming and attractive under the soft lighting. Under all these circumstances, her average appearance had turned exceptionally gorgeous.

His eyes gazed at her as though he had fallen into a trance.

Jean raised her head. His thick and strong chest muscles, and those fascinating abdominal muscle attracted her eyes. Though she was not like those women who were obsessed with Zed, she was still tempted with such a beautiful body in front of her.

Wait! Didn't she come here today to beg him?

How could she let him prevail before he granted her the request? No!

Jean shook her head and raised her head suddenly. She hit him on the forehead by accident. Both of them cried out, "Sss."

She shook her head hastily while rubbing it, "Sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"Then you did it on purpose!" He endured the pain on his forehead and put one hand behind her head to keep her from being choked by the water. His face leaned over to her directly.

Seeing him leaning over, Jean turned her head aside and shouted loudly, "You have to promise me to cancel the shooting for the photog

er from resuming her sleep, "If I didn't call your company about the photographs, I won't even know that you've gotten sick. If I didn't come here today, are you sure you can get up tomorrow?"

She didn't want to listen to Ethan nagging her. Her head felt so heavy already that she couldn't stand any more noises.

"I don't want to go to the hospital. I just don't like the smell of medicine in the hospital." Having said her piece, she walked past him and headed towards her bedroom.

Ethan knew that Jean didn't like to go to the hospital when she was sick. She only took pills every time. If he took her to the hospital by force, she probably would struggle with her weakened body.

Appearance wise, Jean looked weak, but she's actually pretty stubborn in nature. Thinking about that, Ethan gave a sigh. He picked up his cellphone and called their private doctor.

When she woke up again, it's nearly evening. She opened her eyes and saw the dusk outside the window.

Just when she was about to get up, she noticed she was hooked to a drip and she felt a lot better. She remembered that Ethan came.

While she slowly recalled, the door opened gently from the outside. Ethan walked in with a bowl of rice porridge in his hand.

"You're up? Do you feel any better now?"

"I'm better." She licked her dried lips and asked, "Did you ask the doctor to come here?"

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