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   Chapter 81 Aren’t I Cooperating Now

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She didn't even finish the sentence before her feet started to wave as well. However, the couch was not as big as the bed. "Bang." She fell hard onto the floor when she twisted fiercely.

"Ouch!" Jean held onto her hips and stood up. She opened her eyes slowly. When she finally opened her eyes, a man in black suit was standing in front of her. He was like a statue, unmoving.

Jean raised her head slowly, Zed stood with his handsome face full of gloom.

He looked so terrifying at the moment. Then his cold and low voice came into her ears.

"What did you just say?"

Jean rubbed her eyes and replied with a sleepy voice, "You're back."

"I asked what you said just now." He continued to ask her as the coldness in his eyes gradually increased.

"Did I say anything?" She had totally forgotten to settle the score with him. He made her wait for almost a whole evening and she didn't even eat anything.

Now that he was finally back, she couldn't find the courage to say it.

"You said you were going to kick me to death?" He said word by word with a freezing tone.

Jean was shocked. She looked at him, surprised.

She was a little groggy but hearing these words, she was widely awake. She shook her head, "When did I said I was going to kick you to death? Don't put words in my mouth."

She replied while remaining stunned.

It seemed like she was dreaming earlier. In her dream, she scolded Zed harshly.

And she even claimed to kick him far away. Maybe she shouted out in her sleep and that exposed her. He just happened to hear what she said?

"Heh, heh, heh ..." She smiled stupidly as she rubbed her hips. She kept blinking her eyes and looked up to the ceiling, "How come my hips hurt so much? It must because I fell down from the couch!"

She nodded to herself and walked towards the door quickly.

She hadn't forgotten to pick up her bag while she headed to the door. She wanted to leave this house as soon as possible now

Because she didn't know what would happen to


"If the steaks are heated up again, do you think the flavor will be good? As for the side dishes on the table, they are just here to boost appetite. Since I am hungry now, there's no need for it. So, if you heat up all the food, the flavor will be worse and it's also a waste of time."

Jean couldn't find anything against him somehow.

All the food on the table was thrown away in the end. After cleaning that up, she stood in the kitchen and thought in silence. All the ingredients had been used up, what else do they have for dinner now?

After checking the kitchen, she found that there's only noodles left. Hence, Jean cooked the noodles.

They ate the noodles up quickly. Just like two days before, she went to run a bath for Zed.

After she adjusted the water temperature, she sat on the side of the bathtub.

If she couldn't persuade Zed today, Sonny would know of the problem when he returned. Jean would probably be fired on the spot.

She finally got a job and lost it because of this? If she was really fired, she hoped that she wouldn't ruin the reputation of Sonny and the company.

But things weren't over until the results were out.

"What are you doing by sitting here in a daze?" Zed's voice surprised Jean who was lost in her thoughts. She fell backwards and into the warm water in the bathtub.

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