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   Chapter 80 I’ll Kill You, You Jerk!

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At the moment, Jean was moved. Even though Zed seemed indifferent, he actually cared about her. But even so, it might just because she's injured in his kitchen.

Zed was only trying to be responsible.

She squatted and leaned her head to see him sleeping. His pale skin was without any defective marks and it was as silky as women'. It was as though his delicate features were carved, so perfect and attractive.

She couldn't help but want to touch him. However, she hesitated when her hand was close to contact. Her mind warned her that she shouldn't approach this man in front of her any more. He was too dangerous for her.

'You've already had your heart broken once. Do you want to break it again?'

While she was lost in her thoughts, those long eyelashes trembled slightly. Jean wasn't able to withdraw her hand back in time before his eyes opened.

His deep eyes were staring at her with confusion.

Jean froze in place. She wasn't expecting Zed to wake up so soon.

'Was it because I made too much noise just now?'

She thought as she smiled awkwardly. She quickly pulled back her hand which was still in the air and put it behind her head. She pretended that she was trying to scratch her head, "Seems like my hand isn't listening to me. I have no idea how it went there."

She stood up and stretched herself. She then shook herself casually.

Zed, who was right behind her, got up from the couch and straightened his clothes. He took a look at his watch and then he turned around and left.

'He just left like that?' Jean paused, feeling a little disappointed.

Jean thought he had left so she picked up her belongings and planned the same.

She was extremely embarrassed when she thought about that moment earlier. She wanted to dig a hole on the floor and hide in it.

Zed came back, after inquiring some precaution from the doctor, only to find that nobody was in the ward anymore.

"She left!" He stood there dumbfounded for a moment. He raised his hand to his forehead with disappointment. The bite mark was right there on his hand and it still hurt. There was even a little blood at the deepest part of the bite mark.

That woman was really hard on him in the evening yesterday. He didn't know whether she intended to take her revenge or she didn't know her own strength when she bit

his stay.

He was reeking of alcohol and he took the risk of getting fined for drunk driving just to hurry home. It disappointed him when he returned to find Jean was already long gone.

'Whatever. She's only concerned about her ex-boyfriend anyway. The only reason she came here is for the photographs.'

As soon as he turned the light on, he saw the fancy western food, together with some delicate side dishes, placed nicely on the dining table with

Wine glass stationed on each side. The candles on the candlesticks were already burnt out, leaving only the melted wax.

He dazed for a few seconds. With the injuries on her hand, he figured she was only capable of simple cleaning task while she begged him. A grand and hearty dinner was out of his expectation.

He stared at the food on the dining table for a while as his heart calmed.

"I'll kill you! You jerk!"

A loud voice arose from the silent living room suddenly. It was exceptionally loud in this spacious room.

Zed paused for a second. He turned around to find someone sleeping on the couch.

She seemed to be dreaming. Her hands were waving and it seemed like she was doing something exciting. He kept his eyes on her as the corner of his mouth curled unconsciously.

It turned out that she hadn't left. She was waiting here for him all this time. He felt slightly touched. But only for three seconds before Jean clenched her teeth with her eyes still closed and shouted out loudly, "Damn Zed! I hope you choke when you eat, you jerk! I'll kick you to death ..."

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