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   Chapter 79 What Do You Want

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Zed heard Jean let out a scream in the kitchen following a crackling sound. He didn't know what had happened, but a bad feeling overcame him. He immediately put down the magazine he was reading and rushed to the kitchen.

Zed saw Jean laying on the floor with fragments of bowls and plates scattered everywhere in the kitchen.

It was not difficult for Zed to guess what had happened to Jean. Jean's hands were badly cut by those sharp fragments when she slipped. The cuts kept bleeding, resulting a rather gory scene. Zed was startled. He felt his heart ached when he saw those wounds. How she fell down? Was she hurt badly?

Zed came to seconds later. He quickly carried Jean out of the kitchen. After placing her on the sofa. He went to fetch the first aid kit. He squatted in front of Jean and tended to her cuts.

But the cuts were too deep, the bleeding didn't stop. So Zed simply disinfect them and bandage them carefully before driving Jean to the hospital.

Jean leaned her head against the car window, holding her hands tightly in attempt to relieve her pain. Tears were welling in her eyes as the sharp pain continued to assault her.

Zed sped. Luckily, it was already nine o'clock and there were fewer cars on the road. Zed drove to the nearest hospital and carried Jean in.

The doctor examined the cuts carefully. He then looked up to Zed, "The cuts are pretty severe, she'll need stitches."

"What? Stitches?" Jean was shocked. Her face, paled for losing too much blood, became even whiter after hearing what the doctor said.

Zed looked down to see Jean's worried face. He frowned and asked the doctor, "Will you be applying anesthetic?"

"We only have general anesthetic now, local anesthesia will be stocked up tomorrow. This young lady has lost so much blood and the cuts are serious. If they are not treated now, they will be infected. If she lost any more blood she'll go into shock and anemia." The doctor explained patiently.

"No..." Jean clenched her teeth in pain. She would rather bare with the pain than having stitches done without anesthetic. Having to feel the needle going in and out, hole by hole, was just too much! She couldn't handle it, she turned to Zed and shook her head frantically.

Watching her face grew paler, Zed's heart was held by an unknown force and it pained hi

this kind of people are ungrateful and insensitive? Such a waste of my good will."

Even a fool could tell that the insensitive person described by Jean was Zed. An unnoticeable smile crept onto Zed's lips, but only for a moment and he was back to his usual stern face.

Everything that had happened in the operating room seemed unreal.

"What do you want?" asked Zed.

Jean was surprised to hear him say that. She was in a trance for a while but soon focused on Zed's broad back. She wore a big smile and said in a rather exciting tone, "Does that mean you can... "

"Except those photos!" He raised his head and said it unfeelingly.

Jean was happy at first but Zed's reply made her depressed instantly.

Jean turned over. She did not want to talk to Zed anymore. What a jerk. Even in such time, he refused to let her have it her way. There was nothing she could do, he was the boss after all.

There's no way she could threaten him with a knife on the throat right?

Jean drifted off unknowingly. By the time she opened her eyes, it was already morning. She could feel the swollen area of her hand under the bandage. The pain have subsided, it didn't hurt as much as last night but she could feel a burning sensation around it.

When Jean was about to get up from the bed, she noticed that Zed was sitting on the small sofa with one of his hand supporting his head. His eyes were closed tightly. It seemed like he was in a deep sleep. Apparently he was tending to Jean for the whole night. That must have been why he was so tired.

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