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   Chapter 78 Pleasing Him

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There was only drinking water left in his fridge. How did he survive without her being around these days?

Leaving the thought behind, she went to the bedroom and packed up her clothes. She hadn't managed to bring any of them with her when she was driven out by Zed. She grabbed her purse and clothes before leaving.

She suddenly remembered that there's no food in the fridge. What if he had nothing to eat when he came back?

In the end, she decided to bring her belongings home first and go to the supermarket in the evening after work, to buy some food to fill his fridge. Zed didn't come into her room and drive her away last night. It probably meant she still had a chance to talk him through about the photographs.

She couldn't give up!

Since she got back her belongings, she also had the key to the villa. So she could come and go as she pleased. She deposited some money into Ethan's account and paid part of her loan back to him.


There was a new stuff who joined the company today. Her name was Maranda Qin and she's gorgeous.

Her seat was opposite of Jean's. She's passionate and asked Jean a lot of questions.

At noon, she insisted Jean to have lunch with her.

At a restaurant nearby

Maranda passed Jean a glass of water and smiled, exposing her perfect teeth, "Jean, you joined the company a month earlier than me. You must know much more, right?"

"What would you like to know?" She received the water and took a sip.

"Nothing actually. I just want to get familiar with our company." Maranda pursed her lips in a cute way. Her big eyes were moving around as though she was scheming.

Jean was fond of the girl in front of her. She looked like a doll and her every expression was adorable. She's enthusiastic and kind as well. On first sight, Jean could tell that she was innocent and naive. She didn't have any bad office political experience.

Jean just loved to befriend someone like this.

"Look, that man is so handsome." Maranda suddenly hold onto her fingers and pointed to a man in front of them with excitement.

Her good impression was gone in a few seconds when Jean realized that Maranda was easily infatuated.

Looking towards the direction that she pointed, Jean found the man in sight was John.

Jean paused for a second. Hadn't Maranda seen John yet? Right. Of course she hadn't, she only jus

so quickly."

Jean said as she walked to the bottom of the stairs. "I've been waiting for you for a while. The dinner is already cold. Go ahead and have your dinner." She forced herself to walk out of his sight instead of running away.

Seeing that she escaped in a hurry, the coldness in his eyes faded away gradually.

This big and empty house was dull without her. He liked it more when she's around.

Over dinner, Jean mentioned the photographs again, but Zed shut her down by telling her not to talk while she's eating.

After they finished their dinner, Jean went to the kitchen. She was cleaning the bowls and chopsticks as she mumbled in dissatisfaction.

"Damn Zed! I hadn't even gotten my salary yet and I bought you so much food. I cooked you such a fancy dinner but you wouldn't even let me have a word about it. After we divorced, let's see who's willing to treat you nicely!"

After she complained, she rubbed the dishes forcibly with the washcloth.

Zed was sitting on the couch with a magazine in his hand. Although he couldn't hear the voice from the kitchen clearly, he knew that Jean was speaking ill of him.

He raised his eyebrows to look at the time, and shouted to the kitchen, "When you're done with the dishes, go and run me a bath."

"Huh?" She turned around. The water from the plate dripped onto the floor.

She didn't hear what Zed was saying and wanted to walk out of the kitchen to ask. When she stepped onto the puddle of water, she slipped and fell straight down to the floor.

"Zed!" She called his name subconsciously.

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