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   Chapter 76 He Did It On Purpose

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Though Jean clearly knew what she wanted to say, she couldn't still speak it out. She remained silent for a long time before she finally left.

After she went out of the Qi Group building, she felt that her throat was choked on something. Thus, breathing required her extra effort.

Zed stood in front of the French window in the CEO's office and saw her thin figure walking away. His deep eyes eventually turned dark.

Jean returned to the company she worked in, but she didn't enter yet. As she saw the entrance of the company, she felt guilty and distressed for some reasons. She didn't know how to solve the problem. She didn't dare tell Sonny about it yet, either.

It had been half a month since Sonny left, and he would be back in about a week. If he found out what really happened, there's a chance that he would blame her for it.

"What are you thinking about? It seems like you're out of your mind." John said. He was standing behind her.

Jean trembled in surprise. She came back to her senses and immediately shook her head.

"Nothing so important." Jean didn't say anything about the problem. She didn't even know where to start if ever she would open it up.

John frowned as she saw that Jean seemed to have a distracted mind. Then John asked Jean, "You ran away without saying any word this afternoon, and now you came back here absent-minded. What on earth happened to you?"

Jean still didn't say anything and walked into the building instead.

It was already time to get off from work. She grabbed some of her things in her work space and immediately left.

Meanwhile, John was still waiting for her at the entrance of the building. As soon as he saw Jean going out, he walked towards her and said, "Let's have a dinner somewhere nearby."

She was a bit surprised after she heard what John said. She looked at him oddly and said, "Your friend said last time that you are often quiet. Then, suddenly you invite me to have dinner with you?"

"I just thought that it's not a bad idea to invite a friend to have a dinner." John felt a little embarrassed. Luckily, he managed to find a good excuse.

Jean hesitated for a moment. But after a while, she nodded and accepted his invitation.

She didn't have any appetite to eat. But since she didn't take her lunch, her stomach didn't feel so well.

They went to a restaurant nearby. It was so crowded there. They had been in the queue for a long time until they finally found seats for themselves. After Jean ordered for their dinner, she just sat on her chair; she was confused.

"What exactly happened to you? You seemed so distracted." John saw that Jean was acting so strange. He couldn't help but worry about her. Nevertheless, he didn't kn

at case, it would be very hard to solve.

John saw Jean being upset. Yet, he didn't know what to say to comfort her.


Jean suddenly slapped the table heavily. She made a loud noise that made some customers pay attention to them. The customers turned their heads towards them. Jean was so consumed by her thought and didn't notice what she did. After a while, she stood up.


"What?" John was confused for some moments. Then he looked at her in shock.

Jean paused for a few seconds and looked around. She found out that the people around were staring at them. She sat down hastily and clenched her teeth, "It can't end up like this."

"What will you do then?" There was no chance for her to solve that problem though Zed was her husband. Zed had done it purposefully. Thus, solving the problem was next to impossible.

However, If Sonny would go and talk to him, there might still be a chance.

"John, we can't have another photo shoot again. Don't tell Sonny about it yet." She clenched her teeth. She looked miserable, but she didn't care about it at all. She abruptly stood up and said, "I have something else to do. The dinner is on me!"

Jean immediately rushed to the reception desk and paid the bill. She got out of the restaurant and took a taxi going to Zed's villa.

It was a quiet evening and the moon was as clear as water. The season unexpectedly changed into autumn. The cold breeze of an autumn night was gently blowing.

She arrived at Zed's villa after a while. Yet, it seemed that there were no people there. Not even a single light shone inside. The whole villa was dark and quiet.

Had he not gotten home yet?

She stood in front of the villa's door. She grudgingly sneezed as the cold wind blew. Then, she instinctively huddled herself against the cold breeze.

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