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   Chapter 75 Deadlock

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The manager was having a phone call before Jean went into his office. As soon as she came in, the manager stood up, lowered his head and greeted her politely. "Mrs. Qi, you are a rare guest here."

Jean was baffled and felt strange when she heard someone call her that way.

She clenched her lips and waved her hand at him. "This time, I am not the wife of your CEO. Don't treat me differently. Business is business. What's wrong with the photos? Why were those edited photos not approved? What were the problems in those photos?"

That manager was a middle-aged man; he was about forty years old. He looked like other men who had a bald head and had a big, round belly. Besides that, he also had a matured, aged face.

His oily face twitched slightly. Then he awkwardly smiled and said, "We gave approval to those photos. But after we submitted them, the head department complained. They said that the photos were not so good, and another photos should be taken again."

"What were the reasons for their complaint?"

"It was because the photos didn't conform to our theme so well. Thus, our head announced that those photos wouldn't be used in any of our advertisements. The manager responded in a low voice. He turned around and immediately poured a glass of water for Jean. Then he politely said, "Miss Wen, have a seat please."

Jean was confused. She was sure that those photos had been generally accepted. She thought that having another photo shoot would be unnecessary even if the photos she initially submitted were not desirable.

Moreover, those photos were taken by her boss, who was known to be a first-class photographer. His fame could be so much affected in case the reshoot would be known by others.

Thinking about that, Jean's expressions became serious. "Who is the supervisor of your head department?"

The manager kept silent for a moment and smiled again in embarrassment. He was tongue-tied for so long that made Jean a bit anxious. So she asked again, "Please tell me so that I can find him, and have a talk with him."

"Uhhm, well, our CEO himself reviewed the photos personally."

"Your CEO?" Jean was completely stunned and thought, 'Did he have to do that personally if those photos were just for advertisement?' That photo shoot redoing was also Zed's decision after he knew that Jean was in charge of the last photo shoot.

Another photo shoot was immediately requested. She wondered if Zed just wa

r company."

Zed's office was big. Jean looked down while she was standing near his desk. She couldn't let their cooperation agreement with Qi Group be terminated. Besides, her boss was a well-known photographer. How could he survive in the industry if everyone would know that his works had been rejected?

Thinking about that, Jean immediately became meek and lowered her voice, "Mr. Qi, we really can't have the photos retaken. Do you have any other idea to solve this issue?"

She tightly clasped her fingers and heavily bit her lips.

Her palms were sweating. Being always submissive with Zed, she suddenly felt that she was heading to a pathetic life. She had always tried her best to please him before. And now, she begged him again to accept the photos. She hated who she was.

She just kept her head down. She turned a bit pale, and her face didn't radiate any glow. She looked very miserable perhaps because of her recent busy work. Zed didn't have the heart to hurt her. Zed nearly wanted to accept her request any moment soon.

However, he had recalled her photos with Ethan in the Kim Village.

The office seemed to be a graveyard because of the silence inside.

Both of them didn't say any word. Even the air around stopped its movements.

Jean bit her lips tightly and gazed at Zed with her misty and hopeful eyes.

Then Zed raised his eyes after a while. He still looked bitter with his judgmental eyes. At last, he apathetically said, "No way!"

She stood there helplessly. She couldn't do anything. She wondered if he still remembered what happened that night, and why he had suddenly changed.

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