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   Chapter 74 Take Another Shoot!

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"Delete those photos right now!" Mandy angrily urged Jean while pointing at the camera that Jean held.

Jean tilted her head, looked at Mandy, and replied, "I didn't intend to take a photo of you. It was just a coincidence. I am a photographer, and I was just doing my job. I didn't expect you to appear in my view. It was even you who blocked the view of the scene I was about to shoot at. I should be the one blaming you in the first place."

Jean despised Mandy's behavior. Mandy believed that Ethan lost his desire for her because of Jean. Mandy even said that Jean was a disruptor of couple's marriage. Yet, Jean did nothing to Mandy and Ethan's relationship.

"You!" Mandy furiously gnashed. She was so pissed. She underestimated Jean who seemed to be feeble and meek. She couldn't believe that Jean was capable of countering her. Mandy fastened her eyes on Jean and said, "I appeared in the photos of your camera. They were taken without my permission. I have the right to urge you to delete them now. If you won't delete those photos, I will sue you for violating my portrait rights."

"First, I was just taking photos to do my job, then you suddenly appeared in the scene. Second, you didn't clearly say earlier that you don't allow other people to take a photo of you. You are a public figure. Well, if there is no private or malicious information involved in the photos, I believe it is not right to accuse me of an infringement. Moreover, I haven't uploaded and showed those photos to anyone.

Jean softly smirked. Then she added, "Even if I did it, I don't think it was unlawful. Mandy, you knew well that you are a public figure. Popularity comes with troubles and controversies. Your career is highly rising, and you're gonna be a star soon. There must be many paparazzi paying close attention at you. They are much more professional in taking photos of your private moments than me. You can be easily found and shot by them whenever and wherever you are. So your accusation of my infringement doesn't make sense at all. You accused the wrong person."

Jean justifiably explained. Mandy found no way to back up her claims.

"Jean, if you think you can do whatever you want because of your rich husband, you are wrong! Listen to me. Ethan will never like a consequent, second-rate woman like you. Moreover, you are still Zed's wife!" Mandy figured out a good reply to Jean. Mandy sighed confidently as she felt slightly balanced. As she got ready to leave and turned around, she suddenly saw Ethan, who was heading towards her, from a distance.

After she saw him, Mandy paused for a moment. He took out a foundation from her handbag and fixed her make-up.

"Ethan, had you finished your job already?" The enchanting and lovely smile appeared on her face again. Her smile suddenly replaced the anger and malevolence that was showed in her face before.

Jean scratched her head. Seeing Mandy instantly change her expressions did not just made her surprised, but also embarrassed her.

However, Ethan did not focus on Mandy. He ju

wasn't able to adapt, that was why she found it hard to sleep comfortably at night. However, as time passed by, she gradually adapted to her new environment and fell asleep soon after lying in the bed without thinking about anything. Her massive daily workload also made her so tired; it helped her sleep faster.

All the businesses in Lei Group were processed quickly. Jean worked overtime for two days just to finish and pass her assignment. The weekend arrived after the two days of heavy tasks. Jean looked forward to having a good rest and relaxing on weekend. However, the photos she took for Qi Group were unexpectedly reported to have some problems.

"Hello! Is this Ms. Jean, the photographer?" An employee of Qi Group who worked in the Public Relations department called Jean.

"Yes. This is Jean, speaking."

"Okay, we found some problems in the photos you took for our company. Our head department was not satisfied with your photos. We need you to have another photo shoot again. You can do it anytime soon." The female on the phone said in an excessively cold, office, tone. It suddenly caused Jean, who was about to have a meal, to lose her appetite.

"Have another photo shoot?"


"Why should I do so?"

"Please come to our company. We can give you the details and instructions here."

After Jean hung the call up, she completely lost her appetite. Then, she informed John about the call before she rushed to Qi Group. Since all misunderstanding had been explained and clarified, there was no need for her to listen about what other people said. All things were finally fixed. She could go to Qi Group without any fear and hesitation.

But, since Jean had not divorced Zed yet, she was still his legal wife. She tried to keep a low profile to prevent anyone to make up rumors about her. Some people would desperately make any rumors just to ruin her reputation.

After she arrived in the Public Relations department, Jean quickly went to the manager and asked about the problems of the photos.

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