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   Chapter 73 Stay Away From Ethan, Understand

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All the samples of the Lei Group needed to be promoted. This time, the Lei Group had invested a huge amount and publicized widely. Therefore, these samples needed to be photographed well, and an attractive theme were also necessary.

Fortunately, Jean had practiced such shoots many times when she was in college. Now that she knew what she had to do, Jean felt more confident.

A manager from the Lei Group had spent some time briefing her about the work. He introduced the samples that needed to be photographed, told her about the concepts that the products were going to convey, and what needed special attention. Then he went back to his work and left Jean to hers.

Jean took several photographs as she walked around. The number of party attendees was increasing and the halls were getting more and more crowded. The host kept talking about the main products. Jean took some photographs and then found herself a spot to rest.

Before she sat down, she fetched a glass of juice and a piece of cake from the buffet table. Then Jean returned to the spot she had found earlier.

She had intentionally chosen a remote spot so that she wouldn't attract too much attention. Since this was an exhibition by the Lei Group, Ethan must be here as well. She tried her best to keep from meeting him.

There were still some issues that needed to be resolved between Ethan and her.

Although she had requested a reassignment, John had been quite clear. Since she couldn't avoid this event, she planned on ensuring that she didn't bump into Ethan. Jean was naive when she thought her plan would work. As fate would have it, she encountered the one person she did not want to meet.

"Jean!" Ethan's voice broke Jean from her trance. His voice seemed so gentle. It was almost as though he were genuinely pleased to see her.

Upon hearing his voice, Jean was so shocked that she almost spit out the juice in her mouth. She covered her mouth to avoid making a mess, and raised her head. Ethan looked incredibly handsome dressed in white. Then Jean spotted the woman standing beside him. She was also dressed in white.

The woman was tall and slim, and good-looking as well. Her makeup had been professionally done and accentuated her fine features. The white dress she wore was a tasteful mix of fabric and sheer lace. Jean noticed how the sheer lace around her waist made the woman's curves seem more attractive.

When the woman turned, Jean observed that the dress was cut low at the back. The V-shape plunged daringly low. The way her skin was exposed, made the woman look exceptionally sexy and mysterious.

This woman looked so familiar! Jean couldn't remember where she had seen this person before.

As Jean studied the woman, the woman stared back arrogantly.

After a few seconds, Jean remembered that this woman was an internet celebrity she had met at the banque

think about winning all the eligible bachelors' hearts. Since you are already married, stop eyeing Ethan." Mandy rolled her eyes. The gentle look on her face when Ethan was here had been replaced with a look of superiority. Instead of her previously sweet tone, she was now talking with Jean contemptuously. Her folded arms suggested that she was warning Jean to stay away from Ethan.

Jean knew from personal experience that scheming women like Mandy were deluded enough to think of themselves as heroines. Apparently, Mandy believed that she was the perfect match for Ethan and they would make a better couple. Though Jean was not a meddler, she truly didn't like such women.

Jean didn't take her warning seriously. She went through the photographs in her camera and showed a complete disregard for Mandy. Upon seeing Jean behave so nonchalantly, Mandy got angrier. Her face turned red with exertion.

"Hey! Did you hear what I just said? Stay away from Ethan, understand?" It seemed she had already lost her patience. She shouted at Jean with an impatient tone. When Jean didn't respond, Mandy placed her hands on her hips and glared at Jean wide eyed.

At the moment, she didn't have any quality of a celebrity. Jean took a photograph of her instantly. Hearing the clicking sound of the camera, Mandy was stunned and froze in place. She pointed to Jean and asked with a shocked look, "What did you do?"

Jean took a look at the photograph she just shot and smiled calmly, "Nothing serious. I was just shooting Miss Chen's new look, which is pretty different from your usually calm demeanor. Your new pose is cool."

Mandy removed her hands from the hips at once. She had forgotten that they were surrounded by people at a party. She became concerned about what other people would think. When she glanced around quickly, Mandy realized that no one was paying any attention to them. She sighed in relief.

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