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   Chapter 72 I Just Guard My Reputation

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Jean and John walked out of the restaurant and were about to say goodbye to each other, when John suddenly thought of something. He stroked the back of his head as he spoke, "It nearly slipped my mind. I've forgotten to tell you about something else."

"Hmm? What?" Jean asked while rubbing her belly. The food had been so great that she had eaten just a little too much.

"The Lei Group will hold an exhibition tomorrow night and need a photographer. Ethan requested that you attend that party. Later tonight, I will send some related material to you, so that you can make some preparations."

"Lei Group?" Jean was baffled and blinked rapidly. "Requested me?"

"Hmm, any problem?"

"Well, can you send anyone else to that party?" Jean swallowed. She didn't want to go to any events held by the Lei Group. She didn't want to meet Ethan either.

John was a bit shocked. Other company personnel would have made every effort to seize such a good chance. But contrary to his expectation, Jean declined.

Last time, she refused to go to the Qi Group. Later, John had realized why. And so that was understandable. However, why was she reluctant to attend the Lei Group's events?

After thinking it over, he finally remembered that as per the Weibo tweet, Jean had a relationship with Ethan at some point in the past. His eyes widened in understanding as he spoke, "Why do you always decline for private reasons?"

Hearing this, Jean felt very embarrassed. How was it that her simple answers were insightful enough for John to figure out exactly what she was thinking? Without any idea as to how to answer this question, she mumbled an excuse. "Last time, I went to Qi Group only to learn something from our boss. But this time, I am required to take the pictures by myself. I am afraid that I won't be able to. As you know, I am a newcomer without much experience."

"But the photos you took at Kim Village are very good." He raised his eyebrows and lifted the corners of his mouth a bit. John couldn't help smile as Jean looked very sweet when she blushed.

Tongue-tied, Jean didn't know how to explain.

"Lei Group has been partnering with our company for a while now. Moreover, you are selected by them. Our company will suffer if you decline their request." John's expressions turned serious again. He was as grave as their boss even though he was much younger.

"Alright." Jean sighed in defeat. She knew that she couldn't explain her way out of this assignment. She just hoped the

d lifted her head. "Well, now that all misunderstandings have been cleared and the reputation of the Qi Group remains unaffected, when will you return my Residence Booklet? And about the divorce......"

She gazed at him scrupulously. At this moment, her misty eyes became bright, as she felt that she was going to start a new life. If nothing else, this was something she could look forward to.

What Zed hated the most was that Jean was obsessed with thoughts of the divorce. Why did she always have to bring it up? How many times did he have to tell her, that he didn't intend on divorcing her? Thinking of this, Zed became more furious. "To divorce or not is up to me. You will just have to keep your nose clean before our divorce! Qi Group has just gotten back to normal. I don't want it to be affected by our personal affairs."

It seemed that he intentionally exhorted her to keep her nose clean. The warning was also a reminder to Zed. He was unable to stop picturing the photographs he had seen of Ethan Lei and Jean at Kim Village. Thinking about that, Zed felt his heart break all over again.

He turned around and walked away from Jean.

She stood frozen in her spot as Zed drove away. All thoughts about her new life and starting over disappeared. Her excitement turned to disappointment as well.

The exhibition held by the Lei Group was certainly a grand affair. Jean had no choice but to participate. And so, she chose to stay with the party staff. She dressed simply in comfortable and casual clothes. Jean hung the camera around her neck as she wandered around to pass the time. She had to wait for the handover with the Lei Group's staff.

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