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   Chapter 71 Thank You

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"I thought you'd gone home already. Why are you working late?" Jean felt relieved when she saw John. She was also somewhat surprised. She didn't think that anyone else was working overtime at the company except herself. She hadn't expect that John would stay this late. Although John was an assistant, he also had his own office.

John's office was next to Sonny's, which was far from her office. Perhaps that's why she hadn't seen any lights or heard any sounds that indicated that anyone else was still at the company.

"Our boss sent me some photos from abroad. I have just finished editing them." John looked around and asked in wonder, "Why are you at the door of the men's restroom?"

It was clear that Jean was about to open the door just as John had stepped out.

When she heard John's question, Jean's expression froze. She wondered if John would now think that she had a peculiar taste. As awkwardness settled around them, Jean deliberated on how she would explain this situation to John.

"Ho ho ho… I was about to leave but heard a noise from the restrooms. I thought there may be a thief. And when I was about to enter to inspect, you opened the door."

"If I had opened the door a minute later, you may have seen me naked."

"I'm sorry. I hope there is no misunderstanding. I have to return home now. I'll see you tomorrow." Jean smiled in embarrassment and turned to leave.

John raised his hand and looked at his watch. He said, "Have you had dinner? If not, would you mind joining me for dinner? I have something to talk about with you."

Hearing that, Jean turned around. She was a little surprised. Didn't John hate her? Why did he take the initiative to invite her to dinner?

"It is late. Restaurants may have closed."

"I know of a restaurant that is open this late. Wait for a moment." After saying that, John went back to his office to collect his belongings.

John took Jean to a restaurant where he often dined. It was a small but distinctive restaurant. The restaurant's ambiance was homely. It had been delicately and comfortably decorated. And the dining environment was relatively quiet.

After sitting down, John poured a glass of water for Jean and said, "The owner of this restaurant is my friend. It won't close until midnight."

"Do you often come here to have dinner after working overtime?" She looked around and asked.

"Yes. But this is the first time that I have brought a lady to the restaurant." Just as Johan was speaking, a man came over, with the menu in his hand.

The m

im as elder brother. He argued with me for several months because of this."

Jean looked at the rice in her bowl and smiled wishfully, "You must have been very happy during your childhood. It's rare to have a playmate who is as close to you as an elder brother." Although Jean was talking about John's childhood, her tone and expression betrayed that she was thinking about her own experiences.

John understood her meaning. He hesitated for a second before replying, "God is fair. If you lose anything, you will get something in return. He will open a door that leads you into darkness. Equally, he will open a door that leads to brightness."

Jean was surprised by John's insightfulness. Had he been able to relate to her misery by just that one statement she had made? He barely knew Jean and yet, here he was, comforting her. Because God had taken away her childhood, God would give her a happy future. The thought gave her hope and made her smile.

Jean liked the way that John was speaking with her. Even though he had been harsh that first time, she had heard John speaking with other colleagues at the office. John never spoke directly or candidly. He often expressed his thoughts in a way that brought solace.

"Thank you." Jean smiled. Her facial features were extraordinarily beautiful and charming under the dim restaurant lights. Her smile, like poppies, enchanted people.

They had a happy dinner. Although John was on the quiet side, what he had said made Jean feel comfortable. Jean liked the dinner she had at the restaurant. With how her day had gone, Jean had been a little upset when she arrived at the restaurant. After having dinner with John, she felt at ease.

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