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   Chapter 70 I’ve Taken Photographs...

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Winner was dissatisfied when he heard their father tell Jean Wen that she could leave. He clenched his fists and then pointed at Jean before deriding her, "You are just a slutty whore! You had an affair with Ethan Lei after getting married to Zed. The words on Weibo may have been posted by us, but that does not mean that you are not an adulteress. Do you think that nobody knows that you were with Ethan Lei in Kim Village? I've taken photographs..."

"Winner!" Shirley moaned at Winner. She was livid that he would expose their only leverage.

He just told Jean Wen about their one advantage over her. Shirley was thinking about using this secret against Jean later. Now Jean knew.


When Jean stepped out of the hotel, she was confounded. The Wen family seemed to enjoy getting into trouble and then begging for forgiveness. They also took it for granted that each time they ask, she would do as she was told. Even though she was no longer legally part of their family, they expected her to be filial. Instead of constantly beating and threatening her, could neither of them show her some love? Was that too much to ask for? Her heart broke as she thought about her cold family. Tenderly, she touched her swollen cheek.

When Jean checked the time, she noticed that it was already past eight. She didn't know she had spent such a long time quarreling with them. She raised her hand and hailed a cab.

Weary from the day's events, Jean leaned her head against the window of the cab and watched the street lamps whiz past. She saw several families on the sidewalk. Some were shopping while others were hastily heading home.

Jean envied the people she saw. After all, they had someone waiting for them at home. She desired having what they had. Wouldn't it be nice to, for once, be with someone who truly loved her.

For as long as Jean could remember, she had this wish. When she was younger, after her mother died, she would be envious of other families. She had seen them everywhere and wanted the joy and togetherness that they shared. Jean was at an age when most women would be raising their own families. And yet, here she was, all by herself with no one to call family. Even though her mother had died, wasn't she deserving of at least her father's love?

She felt as though life had dealt her an unfair hand. 'Never mind. I will just consider myself to be an orphan!'

She finally found the closure she was looking for, albeit it didn't quite work out the way Jean had expected. What Winner had shared a little while ago had come as a bigger surprise for Jean.

When Ethan Lei arrived at Kim Village, Jean had finished her work as quickly as possible so that they left before anyone saw them. If Winner claimed to have photographs of her with Ethan, then he must have been at Kim Village that same day. She thought over that fateful day and wondered how she never noticed Winner. Kim Village was so small that any stranger would stand out.

At one point, she felt as though the whole office had visited her and either apologized or fawned over her for she was Zed's wife and now, Sonny's apprentice.

Jean disliked how fickle her colleagues were being. All this while, when they hated her for cheating on Zed, Jean had enjoyed peace at the office. No one had disturbed her.

But now, she couldn't seem to find the time to work! When she was new at Sonny's company, Jean had wanted to make friends. However, now that she knew what her colleagues were like, she didn't care too much. Eventually, when they saw that she was not interested in anything more than a genial conversation, they left.

The only time Jean seemed to find any peace, was when her colleagues had left for the evening. However, she had to work late to make up for lost time at work.

Alone at the company, Jean channeled her energy into revising photographs. When she finished, she looked at the time and was surprised to see that it was ten o'clock. At the moment, it was pretty quiet in the company. Even a tiny sound could be heard clearly.

Jean was about to turn off the lights and leave when she heard the sound of a closing restroom door. She was dazed for a few seconds. Who else was still at the company at such a late time?

Could it be a thief?

The minute she thought about this, Jean panicked.

She walked to the restroom as quietly as possible and carefully listened for more sounds. Perhaps she had been wrong? When she heard nothing for a while, Jean wondered if she had imagined the sound of the closing door. Regardless, her heart pounded in her chest. All kinds of horrific thoughts flooded her mind.

What if it was really a thief, what should she do?

Jean's ears pricked as she heard another sound. She could tell that it was coming from the men's restroom. Jean snuck closer to the door and was about to push it. All of a sudden, it was opened from the inside. Jean was shocked and found herself unable to move.

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