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   Chapter 69 Stop Her

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After stating that she would not forgive the Wen family, Jean Wen prepared to leave.

"Stop her!" Henry Wen was really enraged by Jean this time. 'How could this disobedient daughter become such a daredevil? How dare she be disrespectful? I am her father! Although now Zed Qi can protect her unconditionally, this fact cannot be denied and she should still respect me!' The more Henry thought about Jean's behavior and her lack of respect, the angrier he became. So he decided that he must teach her a lesson. Henry believed that only by doing so would Jean learn of the consequences of her disobedience.

The moment Jean stepped out the door, Winner rushed to stop her.

Jean completely froze when Winner grabbed her arm to prevent her from leaving. She frowned to show her discontent.

She had not thought that Henry Wen was viperous and immoral enough to keep her against her wishes. In the past, each time he was displeased with Jean, he would beat her. Did he really want to imprison her or do something worse? If this was the case, then she should not have come to meet the Wen family today.

"See? Can you still be so arrogant?" Winner Wen was very excited. Finally, he had found the opportunity to be able to make Jean suffer. Not long ago, in the hospital, he had been beaten by Zed Qi and insulted by Jean Wen. He still held a grudge against both. What was more, Jean's aggressive behavior at the table today had infuriated Winner further.

Although Jean was somewhat scared, her anger exceeded the fear she felt. She clenched her fists tightly as if to hold back her emotions before turning to face them slowly. Henry was Jean's biological father and they bled the same blood. All these years, Jean had always respected and loved him. Jean didn't think of herself to be the perfect daughter. But she could not believe that her father had described her as disobedient. His claim was ridiculous!

Shirley Wen, her half-sister, had ruined Jean's reputation by posting lies on Weibo. And Henry did not show any concern. Instead, he tried to intimidate Jean into dropping all the charges against them.

Did the Wen family truly believe that they would face no punishment for breaking the law? Did they honestly think that she would keep forgiving all their attacks against her?

From then on, Jean was thoroughly disappointed with all members of the Wen family. And she hoped that she would never have any relationship with them or get involved in their affairs.

She heard a loud sob and turned to see that Shirley was sitting on her chair with her face in her hands. Even though she appeared to be crying, every time Shirley looked up, Jean could see the mockery in her eyes. She seemed to be gloating at Jean's status as an outcast of the Wen family. Over time, it had become quite apparent that no one from the Wen family loved Jean. On the contrary, Shirley was the princess of the Wen family.

"I have raised you for so many years. Now you are so ungrat

d raised her eyebrows. "Zed has come with me today. But I didn't ask him to come in. You know about his temper and how powerful he is. If I do not return soon, you can imagine what the consequences will be."

When they heard Zed's name, the Wen family became scared.

But Winner did not take Jean's threat seriously. Glowering at Jean, he said, "So what if Zed Qi finds out? What can he do? Do you think we are afraid of you? Men like Zed Qi will only be interested in you for a short while. Do you think you have the luck to lure such a rich and powerful man into loving you forever? Besides, you are just a good-for-nothing, and you are not attractive at all. Will he really be willing to waste his financial resources and fame to protect you?"

"Go ahead. See if I'm bluffing." Jean said calmly. Her conviction shook the confidence of the Wen family.

Henry had not expected his daughter who was now cut off from the Wen family to become so shrewd. Shirley who was standing aside, gnashed her teeth. She was very jealous and thought to herself, 'How can such a failure earn Zed Qi's love?'

"You really think that I..." Winner raised his hand and was about to slap Jean, but was stopped by Henry.

"Dad, why are you stopping me? This sly woman is rather stupid. See her unconcerned look. She doesn't care for us. I will teach her a lesson today."

"Enough!" Henry screamed at Winner. He glared at Winner before turning to face Jean. He had forgotten that Zed Qi was also involved in her affairs. Since Zed was such an untouchable person, the time was not right for the Wen family to take further action against Jean. Henry thought that the Wen family was at a disadvantage as Zed was so powerful. Judging from the expression on Jean's face, Henry knew that she would never agree to help them.

If he forced Jean to return home, he was afraid that it would make this matter even worse. After deep consideration, Henry decided to let Jean leave.

"You can leave now."

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