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   Chapter 68 I Don’t Accept Your Apology

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Clap! Clap! Clap! Jean shook her head in amazement. She applauded as she stood and circled the table, inspecting the Wen family slowly.

"What a good performance! I am really shocked that the Wen family are such capable actors!" She pursed her lips, lifted the cup of tea Joy had poured for her, and took a sip.

"I slapped Shirley because she deserved it. Let's not talk about how she has bullied me all these years. Let's talk about something more recent. She logged into my Weibo account on my personal computer and posted distorted content which has caused misunderstandings about me. I have endured growing accusations day after day because of her. Tell me Mr. Wen, wasn't it you who had said that if she disrespects me, as the oldest sibling, I have the right to beat her? So why is it wrong for me to slap her for this attack against me?" Jean had suffered immense embarrassment twice today. And both incidents had happened because people believed she was an adulteress, as portrayed by Shirley. Now that her half-sister had called her here for this dinner, it was time to expose Shirley's actions.

Gone was the time when Jean felt the need to be humble and accept whatever treatment the Wen family thought she deserved. She was determined to be strong and independent, and she would start with her attitude toward the Wen family.

When she finished speaking, Jean turned to face Winner and said fearlessly, "I don't care why you asked me to come here this time. I will absolutely not compromise. Today, I will leave this hotel when I please. What can you do to me? Beat me? Imprison me? If so, you will have to assume legal responsibilities."

Jean spoke in a straightforward and emotionless manner. She was so indifferent that no one could recognize her. Winner was in a daze. He never thought that Jean would change so fast.

Jean had lived with them for over 20 years. Winner thought he knew his half-sister. Had the woman standing before him not looked like Jean, Winner would have been certain that she was a stranger.

When she mentioned legal responsibilities, Winner was left speechless. He was reminded that he had violated laws when he attempted to kidnap Jean. If she looked into that... thinking of this, Winner stayed silent.

Henry, who had not spoken all this while, looked extremely gloomy when he glanced at Jean. It was hard for him to believe that his daughter had changed so much in less than a year.

He decided to try again, "Jean, I ask you to come here today to make peace, not to make more trouble!" Henry stared at Jean sternly. He wanted to be genial but his dislike of Jean was so great and his patience so limited that he couldn't help doing the opposite.

The expression on his face would have terrified Jean into


This was the first time that Jean had dared to call Henry by his name. And she confronted him about all the wrong that he had done to her without hesitation.

The room was completely silent. Both Shirley and Winner knew that no one dared to clash with Henry. However, Jean, who had been always cowardly, had behaved so boldly. She had not only contradicted him, but she had criticized him openly.

"How presumptuous you are!" Henry was unable to restrain his anger. His huge hand slammed down on the table with such force that the tableware clattered. Everyone trembled at the force he had used since the table was relatively large and had been fastened to the ground securely.

Winner jeered with delight. Jean had come to this dinner with an attitude of superiority. She had accused everyone of wrong doing and been aggressive, both verbally and physically. And now, their father was fuming. She was going to bear the consequences and he couldn't wait. He whispered to Jean, "My dear sister, don't annoy Dad. It won't be good for you if Dad gets angry. So be aware of your attitude. Today, we give you a chance to redeem yourself. Don't shame yourself."

It seemed as if both, Shirley and Winner thought alike. Before Winner could finish, Shirley had started as well, "Yes, my sister, don't quarrel with Dad. Dad is in poor health. If he becomes seriously ill because of the stress, you will......"

"Both of you, don't need to sing the duet anymore." She stared at Henry firmly and said, "I don't want to waste more time quarreling with you. I don't accept your apology. By the way, you must assume responsibility for what your children have done. You must voluntarily admit in front of media that they made the Weibo tweet, not me. And if you don't, we will have no choice but to solve this issue through legal proceedings."

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