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   Chapter 67 A Dinner With A Trap

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When Jean couldn't run anymore, she stopped and found a place to rest. She withdrew her phone from her bag to see who had been calling her. It was Shirley.

Shirley Wen! Jean was upset when she thought about her half-sister. If it hadn't been for the Weibo post Shirley had made, Jean would not have been humiliated the way she had been.

Jean had severed relations with the Wen family, so why was Shirley calling her?

She had planned not to answer Shirley's call. But then Jean thought she was being unfair to herself if she didn't confront Shirley about the grievances she had suffered.

"Sister, you have finally answered!" Shirley said affectionately. Even so, Jean could sense her half-sister's impatience.

"Shirley, what do you want from me?" asked Jean.

"Sister, our family hasn't had dinner together in a long time. Father said that he wanted to invite you to dinner and has already picked the restaurant. You..." said Shirley.

"Have you forgotten that I am no longer part of the Wen family?" said Jean.

"Sister, father said that he really wanted you to have dinner with us. Regardless of what happened in the past, he wants us to have a meal as a whole family. Think of it as one last dinner, " said Shirley. Shirley stopped to see if Jean would reply. When she heard nothing, Shirley continued, "I will send you the location of the restaurant by text. Sister, you must come!"

After ending the call, Jean watched the passers-by. She sighed as she thought over the dinner invitation. If for no other reason, Jean felt like she needed to go in order to get proper closure.

Her phone pinged and when Jean looked, she saw a message from Shirley. "Seven o'clock. Boris Hotel. Room 1021."

With nothing else to do, and no where else to be, Jean went home to rest and clean up. She left home at half past six. Since Jean didn't live far from the hotel, she decided it would not be too expensive to go by taxi.

This would be Jean's second visit to this hotel. Previously, she had attended a social occasion hosted by the Wen Group at this hotel. That day, she had drunk a lot and hadn't paid attention to much. She remembered that Henry had sat beside her, but he had spent the evening talking lively with the guests.

Jean sighed at the irony of her situation. She ha

ivered. Jean had never looked at her like this before.

Before, Jean could be easily bullied by her. But now, Jean was different.

Persistent, Shirley clung to Jean's hands. She bit her lip as tears welled in her eyes. Shirley sniffled to sound more sincere and said, "Sister, it was all my fault. It had nothing to do with father. If you..."

Slam! Jean slapped Shirley across her face.

Everyone present was startled.

"Jean Wen, I show you respect. But you..." Henry pounded on the table and shouted angrily at her.

Seeing her own daughter beaten, Joy was furious. She ran to Shirley's side and helped her stand. Concerned, she examined the red mark on Shirley's face. Joy wanted to tear Jean to pieces!

Since Henry was present, she had to pretend to be a loving mother even if she was furious. She said to Jean in an accusatory and disappointed tone, "Jean, she's your sister! How could you hit her? We treated you well at home. You..."

While speaking, Joy lowered her head and started to cry.

The whole family was really good at acting. Jean smiled coldly at Shirley. Her expression was terrifying.

Winner didn't expect that Jean would hit Shirley. Since Shirley was his real sister, he couldn't sit back and watch anymore.

He put down his phone, grabbed Jean's arm and said, "Jean, don't think so highly of yourself. Marrying a rich man doesn't mean you can do what you want. I am warning you. Today, we are here to negotiate with you. If you do not behave, you are not going to walk out of here."

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