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   Chapter 66 A Shameless Woman

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"What do I mean?" Eva sneered and raised one of her eyebrows, "I was kind enough to be friendly with you. I even treated you as my best friend despite the fact that you took Zed away from me. But you didn't cherish him. Jean, you hurt Zed and damaged his reputation. Now you come to his company to cause more trouble. Do you have a conscience?"

Hearing this, the employees of Zed's company glared at Jean and began whispering and pointing fingers at her.

Unsure of how to get out of this situation, Jean stood there like a statue. She hadn't cheated on Zed, but here she was, being ridiculed by Eva and the Qi Group's employees. She fisted her fingers as she tried to calm herself.

In the conference room on the top floor, Zed was in the middle of a meeting when his secretary rushed in and whispered something to him. Zed's expression turned serious. He quickly dropped the folder in his hand and left.

The senior officers sitting in the conference room were confused. They were curious and would have liked to follow Zed, but since he hadn't told them that they could leave, they sat still. Zed's temper was well-known in the Qi Group and none would risk upsetting him.

Meanwhile, in the lobby, the crowd of bystanders became bigger and bigger. Jean and Eva were surrounded on all sides. So humiliated was Jean that she felt as though millions of eyes were staring at her. Normally a demure and shy person, Jean had never before faced such a situation. She had no idea how to cope.

Running away now would be proof that what Eva had just said was true.

But what could she do if she stayed? Was it acceptable to simply stand there while Eva and all of these strangers tore her apart?

In the elevator, Zed furrowed his eyebrows and looked extremely anxious. His secretary was standing beside him. The secretary hesitated as he spoke, "Boss, perhaps it's best if you don't deal with this matter now."

"What do you mean?" He stared at the display in the elevator, frustrated with the elevator's slow descent. He futilely willed the elevator to move quicker. Zed's expression grew more gloomy with each passing floor.

"It was not easy for us to resolve the PR crisis with the Li Group. The Weibo incident caused by Mrs. Qi hasn't settled either. I believe everyone will be curious to see how you handle this situation. Will you leave her to defend hers

recover from that?" John shook his head in annoyance, "Why would you do that if you already knew the outcome?" He really couldn't understand why a woman like Jean who was neither outstanding nor beautiful would marry a man like Zed.

Besides that, it was really jaw-dropping that she cheated on Zed so boldly.

"Why are you here?" Jean raised her head and asked John. Jean's cheeks were still burning from the humiliation she had just endured and her eyes were red from unshed tears.

"You missed one thing." John showed Jean the folder in his hand. Then he said, "You are so forgetful. Now I know where you use your energy."

"Even you think that I am like that, don't you?" Jean bit her lip as the tears finally fell freely.

John was confused by what she had just said.

What did Jean mean? He had never once stopped to consider that the media report was untrue. After all, the Weibo tweet had come from her account and could, thus, only have been written by her. But why was there such innocence and helplessness in her eyes?

"Never mind!" Jean handed the photos she had been holding to John before speaking, "Please help me send this to the office. It's ok if you refuse me. It's my fault, I'll accept any the punishment the company sees fit."

After that, she turned and ran.

John didn't chase after her. As he watched Jean take off, he got this nagging feeling that this woman was different from what the media portrayed her to be.

As Jean headed away from the Qi Group building, her phone began ringing. But she didn't want to check who was calling.

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