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   Chapter 65 Getting Embarrassed in Public

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With short delicate hair that fell over his ears, angular face, thick straight eyebrows, fair skin and clear eyes, John was a very handsome and attractive man. He looked as though he were just 17 or 18 years old. A lean masculine frame complimented his boyish features well.

Jean might have been attracted to him had she been one year younger than him or met him earlier. But now, her heart belonged only to Zed.

Although her marriage was a nominal one, Jean knew that she would never be able to feel for anyone what she felt for Zed. As a creative person, Jean had learned how to spot beauty in things. As a photographer, she knew how to use a camera to show the world the beauty she saw. She was not romantically interested in John, but she could see, from a photographers' lens, his unique characteristics.

"Well, Mr. John, are you busy this afternoon?" Jean stood by John's desk, with a cup in hand and lips pursed as she asked him a question.

John turned to face her and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Uh...... Could you do me a favor?" She hesitated and looked a little embarrassed as she waited for John to reply. 'Was it suitable to ask John for help regarding this matter?'

The more she thought about it, the more certain Jean became that approaching John was not a prudent alternative. She began regretting her decision, however, it would be awkward if she didn't finish the conversation that she had started.

"Favor?" John was startled. He and Jean were not familiar with each other. They could be called colleagues since they worked with Sonny. However, they were barely on speaking terms. To him, Jean was a stranger. He knew very little about her even though she was Sonny's apprentice.

"Hmm, I feel a little unwell today. Could you please help me by taking these amended photos to Qi Group?" Jean's cheeks turned crimson.

After all, this was the first time that she was asking one of her colleagues for a favor. She also knew that everyone had heard or read or gossiped about the Weibo incident and what they thought of her. It was understandable that she felt shy when approaching John.

John was surprised. Since he needed a moment to figure out how to deal with the situation, he looked down at the papers in his hand. He didn't like Jean and even felt disgusted with her because of what happened on Weibo. Since they worked together, he was professional enough not to openly share his dislike of Jean.

Although he was confused about why Sonny had accepted her as his apprentice, John had heard rumors that Jean had possibly played up to powerful and rich men or slept around to earn a place at Sonny's company. He hated women like Jean.

Previously, John had tried his best to restrain himself just because she was Sonny

owed her the work permit in a hurry. "I was working on publicity photos for the Qi Group on behalf of my company."

"Why are you so nervous?" Eva took a glance at the work permit in Jean's hand. "Are you really here because of the pictures? Or are you here to use this excuse to meet Zed?

How crafty you are! You've mentioned repeatedly that you dislike Zed and want to divorce him, but you always find chances to approach Zed." Thinking that she had been taking advantage of, Eva became more and more annoyed.

Eva looked around before staring at Jean arrogantly. Then, she spoke loudly "Are you seizing this chance to meet the CEO of the Qi Group? Jean, aren't you shameful?"

CEO of Qi Group? Hearing these words, the passers-by stopped and began watching the scene between the two women.

Since people were gathering, Jean lowered her head in shame. She didn't expect that Eva would treat her in such a way in public. She wondered if Eva had treated her kindly in the past only because she wanted to use Jean to get closer to Zed.

"I don't want to talk with you." Upset, Jean decided her best option was to end the confrontation. She had planned to turn around and leave. However, it was beyond her expectation that Eva would remove her sunglasses.

"Oh, aren't you Jean, the infamous internet celebrity?" Eva gasped in feigned astonishment. "You dare to come here after you've cheated on the CEO of the Qi Group? Do your family members know that you are so shameless?" Eva tilted her head to one side and raised her voice intentionally, so that people around could hear.

As expected, the onlookers sighed and whispered as they had never imagined that Jean, a legendary figure for them, would happen to be in the lobby of the Qi Group.

"Eva, what on earth do you mean?" Jean pursued her lips before glaring at Eva.

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