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   Chapter 64 Zed's Cold Attitude

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"The follow-up work for the Qi Group?" Jean stunned for a while and shook her head. "Boss, I haven't been in our company long enough. And I am afraid that there are still many things..."

"Do not worry, John will help you." Sonny seemed to have already made this decision. Jean still wanted to talk more about this issue. But when she realized that Sonny would not be deterred from his decision, she gave up her intention to reject such an embarrassing assignment.

"But boss, she is just a new employee who knows nothing about our company. After all, the Qi Group is an important client. If Jean makes any mistake... all our efforts will be in vain. Consequently, it will damage the interests of our company."

Although Sonny was a famous photographer, he had been working in the investment industry for many years. Naturally, he knew that the senior employees would have doubts about this assignment. So he cleared his throat and said, "You have already seen the pictures of different thematic groups showed on PowerPoint. I can tell all of you that some were taken by Jean on her business trip. Although she is a newcomer, shooting experience is not new to her."

Till this moment, every person in that conference room had their own assumptions about Jean, be it because they had heard the rumors about the Weibo incident or the gossip about her possible intimate relationship with Sonny. None of them had actually thought that she had earned this apprenticeship because she was skilled. It was thus, surprising to them that some of those amazing photos had been taken by Jean. As the realization sunk in, they went quiet. Some fidgeted while others glanced at Jean with guilt. The conference room was so silent that even a pin dropping on the floor would be clearly heard. For a newcomer like Jean to show such skill was enough to

Settle the disagreement among the employees. After the meeting, Jean followed Sonny to his office.

"Boss, can you assign someone else to deal with this matter? I have not been here long. There is still so much for me to learn..."

"No, you are qualified to take this assignment." Sonny put down his notebook computer and tidied up the photos on his table. He lowered his head and said, "I saw the news about you and Zed Qi, the CEO of Qi Group, not long ago. I didn't know that you were his wife. But I don't think your relationship is that intimate. I guess the reason that you don't want to be responsible for this assignment is that you are concerned about meeting Zed when going to his company."

The last time Sonny went to the Qi Group, he happened to see Jean and Zed talk at the door of the elevator. The atmosphere between them had obviously been strange, which made Sonny imagine that they might have had a quarrel.

Jean was highly gifted in photography. Sonny expected to make her an extraordinary photographer under his tutelage. He was absolutely certain that if given the chance, she could improve her professional ability. What was more important was that he was not willing to see his only apprentice be influenced by her family affairs.

At the meeting today, Sonny could clearly see that Jean was somewhat absent-minded. He did not know what she was thinking about, but he

o stare out of the window as the bus rumbled through the busy city roads from its starting station to the terminal. A destination in particular, seemed unimportant.

This time as well, Jean took the bus. She found a comfortable spot near a window and leaned against it to watch the world whisk by. It was rush hour and there was a traffic jam. Jean was lost in her thoughts as she watched the crowd coming and going.

This was the most bustling street in the city. There were people everywhere; in cars, in buses, on cycles and the pedestrian walk. There was so much noise!

But Jean felt completely isolated from the world. The jollification and business around had nothing to do with her. At that moment, she could not hear anything.

In her mind, there was only the indifferent voice of Zed. She replayed their meeting in her mind again and again, and each time, it was like a knife through her heart.

It felt so ridiculous, that she could not help laughing. Just as quickly as she had started, Jean stopped. Tears threatened to escape but Jean pursed her lips together in order not to cry out. She wiped away the few that had fallen against her will.

The next day, Jean went to work and pretended as though nothing had happened. She modified the photos and sent them back to the Propaganda Department of the Qi Group. This time her photographs were approved. Since Jean's work was done, she decided to take a break.

She went to the water cooler and made herself a cup of coffee. When she came out, she happened to meet John.

John had been holding a cup. They didn't know each other well and shared little common ground. Although John was one year younger than Jean, he was exceptionally calm. He was Sonny's assistant, but his skill in photography was not inferior to any person employed by Sonny.

Since John had a very attractive and handsome face, most female colleagues at the company fawned over John.

It was mid-afternoon, the window near the water cooler was wide open, and the sun slanted in. The warm sunlight shone on John as he entered the room. Dressed in causal clothes, with his hair neatly done, John looked charming.

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