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   Chapter 63 . Broke Up But Still Kept In Touch

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Shirley found the photos and handed the cell phone over to Zed.

He looked a little pale when he found that a man was holding Jean in his arms. As he flipped through the pictures, he was able to identify who this man was and recognized the place too. These pictures were taken at Kim Village.

Did that happen after he left?

Ethan and Jean clung together in the pictures. Did they break up but still keep in touch?

Recalling his last night at Kim Village with Jean, he trusted her when Jean explained that she didn't have any feelings for Ethan and that she didn't intend to get back with him. But now, with the pictures proving otherwise, Zed wondered what on earth had happened after he left.

Seeing that Zed looked more and more serious, Shirley smiled.

"Is this the purpose of your visit?"

He raised his eyes slowly. At this moment, he appeared to be extremely cold as could be judged from the expression in his deep and dark eyes. His tone of voice was equally forbidding. Shirley couldn't help shivering.

Shirley was still as she stared at Zed. Gradually, she became afraid.

"In the future, you needn't bother with things like this. Do you think I will spare you just because you came to me with these pictures? I will make you pay for all the mischief you have done to her." After he finished speaking, Zed stood, glanced at Shirley unpleasantly, and said threateningly, "Don't even think about interfering or causing more trouble. I will ensure that the entire Wen family is eternally doomed if I see these pictures anywhere!"

Then, he turned around and left.

Shirley didn't expect that Zed would react like this. Wasn't he jealous? Wasn't he hurt by what he had seen?

"You don't mind her staying with another man?" Shirley yelled while Zed was leaving.

She was trembling all over with rage and frightened by Zed's warning. However, she didn't expect that Zed would stop. Zed looked straight ahead as he processed what Shirley had said. Then slowly, he turned around to face her.

At this moment, he gazed at Shirley sternly, "What Jean does or does not do is none of your business!"

As Shirley watched Zed leave the restaurant, she felt as though her heart was about to explode. What on earth had Jean done to make Zed so crazy about her?

Countless people had told Shirley that she was as beautiful, if not more beautiful than Jean. If that were the case, then why was Zed so reluctant to spare her a glance?

At a high-grade club, Zack walked through the doors and headed straight for the barman. He asked for a glass of wine called 'no intoxication tonight.' He was not busy that day. So he went there.

"Boss Xing, Mr. Qi is inside the private room." The barman said while handing the prepared wine to him.

"Mr. Qi is here?" Zack was a little amazed. He lifted the glass and took a sip of wine. "A rare visitor is here." Then he

mething. He turned and began searching for Jean. Once he spotted her, he called her, "Ah there you are, Jean."

Jean was working on photos and was a little shocked when she heard John speak with her. "Is Sonny looking for me?" As these words came out of her mouth, she immediately realized that she had made an error. At the company, everyone called him Boss Sonny.

Embarrassed, she cleared her throat and looked at John.

John nodded, turned around, and left.

In the conference room, Sonny was discussing the next topic about photography, and only experienced photographers had been invited to attend this meeting. Jean had been instructed to attend the meeting by Sonny. Since she was just a newcomer, the senior members in the conference room were displeased with Sonny's partiality.

Considering her tumultuous personal life, Jean had been a little absent-minded. Besides, the topic of discussion during the meeting wasn't related to Jean's work. Hence, Jean was a little distracted.

As the meeting came to an end, Sonny closed his laptop and said, "I am going to France by plane this afternoon and will stay there for half a month. You must draft two plans for me over this period." Afterwards, he thought of something and looked at Jean, "While I'm gone, Jean will take the lead on any subsequent work with the Qi Group."

After hearing this, the senior members in the conference room, began whispering between themselves. They couldn't believe that someone with no experience had been given such an important client to handle. Jean had been lost in her thoughts when she heard someone calling her name. She looked up and found that Sonny was staring at her.

"What?" Aware that everyone in the room was glaring at her, Jean sat up straighter.

"I have to take a business trip overseas for half a month. From this moment on, you will be in charge of subsequent work for the Qi Group. Any problem?"

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