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   Chapter 62 Please Talk With My Lawyer

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Shirley reached for Winner's cell phone, but he refused.

"Sister, do you want the pictures?"

"Yeah, of course! If you don't want a lawsuit, just give me the pictures."

"I can give you the pictures, but you have to give me something as compensation. You know I went out without permission and I took the pictures at risk of being discovered by our father." Winner raised his eyebrows and smiled cunningly.

Shirley didn't expect Winner to ask her for compensation. Both, Shirley and Winner were facing prosecution. Why would he want to negotiate over the pictures that would save them from imprisonment? She got a little angry and said, "You will also benefit from it if we successfully alienate Jean and Zed with these pictures. How can you ask for compensation from me at this critical moment? Winner, do you still have a soul? I am your sister."

After hearing Shirley, Winner raised his eyebrows, put his legs on the coffee table, and said nonchalantly, "You're my biological sister. Don't you know that sisters and brothers are alike? You are no better than me. I just have the pictures you need and you have something that I want. If we make a deal, we could both benefit."

"You are such a bad person!" Shirley gnashed her teeth. However, she had no choice but to take Winner's offer. After all, her disappointing brother had what she wanted.

It was quiet for a while in the living room. Winner was playing with his cell phone. He wasn't worried, for he knew his sister would agree to a compromise.

Several minutes later, it turned out that he was right.

"Okay, deal. But I only have fifty thousand dollars on me."

"Fifty thousand dollars?" Upon hearing Shirley's words, Winner felt deflated. Then he asked, "Why do you have such a small sum of money? Are you lying to me?"

"You know I don't have a job. I slowly saved the fifty thousand from my pocket money. It is not easy for me, okay? Winner, you should not be so greedy." Shirley was too angry to say another word. She thought, 'I am so unlucky to have such an ungrateful brother.'

Although Winner was not happy to give Shirley the pictures for just fifty thousand, he had no choice. He thought, 'If I don't agree with her, I will get nothing. After all, there is no use keeping the pictures with me.

If I give them to Shirley and she shows them to Zed

didn't like Zed's attitude towards her but she couldn't do anything. So she comforted herself, 'Just take it easy. As long as I try my best, one day I will enamor him.'

Shirley asked the waiter for a glass of lemonade and looked at Zed with blazing eyes. She smiled and said, "Let's get something to eat first. You must be hungry after working all day." After that, she opened the menu.

"No, I am not hungry. But I can treat you if you want to eat something."

Upon hearing what Zed had said, Shirley stopped reading the menu. She felt a little embarrassed and her face became stiff. After calming down, Shirley closed the menu and smiled at the waiter, "Please give me a glass of lemonade, thank you."

"Okay." Then, the waiter left in a hurry with the menu.

"I don't understand why you hate me so much. Is it because of what happened in front of your house several days ago? I..."

"Miss Wen, if you don't have anything else to say to me, then I have no time to waste here." Zed said before letting Shirley finish. Then he stood up, ready to leave.

"Wait, wait!" Shirley panicked. She gritted her teeth and took out her cell phone. She pretended to be really uncomfortable and sorry for what she was about to do next.

"The Weibo incident was my fault. I was trying to apologize. But this time, I didn't do anything wrong to her. It was not me but one of my friends who took this picture by accident. I wasn't going to show it to you, but I am afraid that Jean keeps you in the dark, so..."

"What kind of picture do you want to show me?"

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