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Jean awoke the next morning feeling relaxed. She smiled as she turned in bed. The events from the night before felt like a glorious dream. Although she had a headache from the excess wine, she was looking forward to what the day would bring. She had wonderful pictures to show Sonny and her relationship with Zed was a little less uncertain.

As she opened her eyes, Jean didn't see Zed who had slept by her side last night. When she looked around the room, she noticed a note and some cold breakfast on the bedside table.

She picked up the note and read the message Zed had left her. "I had to deal with something at the company."

Looking at these words, Jean felt a sense of loss. But when she recalled what had happened last night, her face immediately flushed.

Jean had gotten used to being with Zed. Whenever Zed wasn't by her side, she felt an inexplicable sense of emptiness. She didn't know when she had become so accustomed to his presence in her life.

When Jean looked at the breakfast, she found the thousand dollars Zed had placed under the tray for her. Jean took the money and thought about the night before.

At the pub, she and Zed had drunk a lot of wine. Albeit they had a rough evening, it had ended cathartically. Both, Jean and Zed had finally expressed their feelings for each other. Jean wondered if their feelings were real or wine influenced.

The memory of subsequent events was still vivid in Jean's mind. Despite how many times Zed had told her that he loved her, Jean's low self-esteem wouldn't allow her to believe it. She had been in love before, and it had only brought her heartache. It was understandable that Jean would be a little diffident. Standing at the window, Jean was lost in thought for a while. Later, the ringing of her mobile phone interrupted her thoughts.

Ethan was calling.

She stared at the screen for a long while as she wondered how she was going to deal with Ethan. Jean finally ignored Ethan's call.

After finishing her morning routine, Jean ate the cold breakfast before heading outdoor with her camera. As soon as she walked outside, Jean received a text message.

"I am at Kim Village. Where are you?"

Jean was stunned as she read the message. Did Ethan say that he was in Kim Village?

Ethan had parked at the exit of Kim Village. He waited for about five minutes before he saw Jean walking toward him. Ethan ran over and hugged her. "Jean, I have finally found you."

To Jean, Ethan's hug felt strange. She used to look forward to his hug, but now...

Jean pushed him away and looked at him. "Why did you come here?"

"I called Sonny. He told me that you got in the wrong bus and your wallet had been stolen. I was worried about you. So, I came here to find you." At first, Ethan seemed genuinely concerned. After making sure Jean was all right, he was full of joy.

"Thank you. I'm all right now. You can

that hadn't been manicured for a month. "Well, which girl agreed to date you? Remember not to make any trouble. Last time, it was mom who had to help out with the problems you created. If the same thing happens again, you will be driven out of home by dad."

"What I have seen is much more interesting than a girl."

"Ha! I can hardly believe my ears. How can you ever find anything to be more interesting than dating a girl?" Shirley sat up straight, took the bowl from the housemaid, and sniffed it. She looked up and asked Winner with interest, "Well, go on then. Tell me what you saw."

"I went for a picnic with my friends to a small village. Guess who I met there!"

"Who did you meet there?" She took a sip of soup, caring little for Winner's question.


"Jean?" Shirley was so shocked that she trembled for a few seconds. She quickly put down the bowl in her hand and said, "Did you say that you met Jean?"

"Yes, I not only met Jean but also took some photos of Jean and Ethan. They were having a tryst there!" He excitedly took out his mobile phone and showed Shirley the photos.

Shirley's gaunt face became radiant as she saw the pictures. She instantly forgot about her suffering over the past few days. She narrowed her eyes and a meaningful smile graced her lips.

Ever since they had received the legal notice over the Weibo incident, Shirley hadn't been able to come up with a good idea about how to destroy the relationship between Jean and Zed. She didn't expect that an opportunity like this would present itself so easily.

"You are really my good brother. It seems that I made the right decision of letting you sneak out."

Shirley was very excited. With these photos, it would be easier for them to destroy the relationship between Jean and Zed. Even if Zed knew that the Weibo incident was caused by them, he had to believe that Jean had betrayed him since the photos weren't fake.

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