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   Chapter 60 You Came Onto Me

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"You came onto me. Why are you asking me to let you go?" Zed smiled flirtatiously and his eyes sparkled.

Jean was irritated. She pointed at the waiter who had just left, and said, "Why did you call the waiter? I could have been wrong about the wine. But you called the waiter and did not help me. You were clearly embarrassing me. Zed, remove your hands."

"But you were so sure about the wine. I just had the waiter explain it. Why was that wrong?" asked Zed.

"You!" Jean was so angry that her ears turned red. She stared at him and said, "So, you knew the wine was all right, but you didn't explain it to me. Instead, you had the waiter do it, and in such an embarrassing way!"

"I don't mind if you want to think about it like that."


Jean was determined not to let Zed have his fun. And so with great effort, she broke free of his embrace. She returned to her seat angrily, grabbed the wine bottle the waiter had brought, filled a full glass, and took a long sip.

The waiter was surprised. Didn't he just educate the woman about how to drink wine? He swallowed and sighed, 'The woman really doesn't know wine. She's drinking thousands of dollars worth of wine as if it were a regular beverage.'

After the singer finished her song, the DJ started to play some music. The audience shouted and clapped. Before long, the original quiet atmosphere disappeared.

Shortly after a few well-dressed women approached Zed.

"Hello, handsome. I'm Momo." A woman with an enviable figure walked to Zed's side and introduced herself in a soft and sweet voice.

Then, the other women started to introduce themselves. Apparently, they were here to pick up men. Jean was sitting beside. Her face was red because of the wine she had gulped. She was still annoyed, but her mood soured when she saw that the three women were flirting with her husband.

If it had happened before, she would not have cared at all. She would have hoped that Zed would be picked up by those women. But today, she was getting angrier and angrier.

What upset Jean was that Zed didn't reject these women, instead, he let them sit by his side and talk suggestively.

Jean clenched her fists. She

mind, Zed's jealousy and cynicism settled. Seeing her sobbing and shaking, he felt remorseful. Was he being too harsh?

"Even if I do like you, so what? Don't you find it ridiculous? Don't you think I am pathetic and a total loser? We are about to get a divorce, but I have feelings for you. Pathetic, " said Jean.

Zed's body trembled. He felt so foolish. Why did he keep asking her about Ethan? Why did he keep hurting her and acting like he didn't care?

Now he knew that she liked him. He was wild with joy. But, he also felt guilty.

"Sorry, I just wanted to know whether you liked me." He crouched in front of Jean and slowly lifted her face. His dark eyes glittered with love and tenderness.

Jean stopped crying. She looked at him with her mouth and eyes wide open, "What did you say?"

"Jean, I like you, " said Zed. He wiped the tears on her face and slowly leaned forward.

Her heart was pounding. He didn't seem to be lying. Jean could see the sincerity in his eyes. When his soft lips pressed gently against hers, Jean trembled. It never dawned on her that Zed would like her.

Should she be happy or sad? After all, they were from different worlds.

Jean shelved all her insecurities. She didn't want to think about any of it. She just wanted to enjoy the moment with Zed. As she closed her eyes, a tear of happiness rolled down.

A ray of moonlight broke through the heavy clouds and bathed Jean and Zed in its pale warmth.

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