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   Chapter 59 Want Me To Stay

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Jean thought for a while before shaking her head, "No, I am afraid I am keeping you from something more important. I don't intend to push you away, but I just……"

"Do you want me to stay?"

Upon hearing Zed's question, Jean fell silent. With no clarity about her feelings about Zed and their marriage, Jean had no idea what to say to him. For so long now she had convinced herself that her relationship with Zed could be reckoned as marriage in name only. But, in fact……

Jean really wanted him to stay.

Instead of answering Zed, Jean turned and left in a hurry.

Zed chased Jean. He grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. "Do you want him instead of me? Are you wishing someone else were here with you now?"

"Someone else? Who? What are you talking about Zed? This is making no sense!" Jean couldn't understand whom Zed was referring to and she was too tired to try and guess.

"Ethan Lei." Zed spat out bitterly. He had always felt that she was a little absent-minded when he was around Jean. Although her relationship with Ethan ended a long time ago, Ethan still came between them like a thorn.

"Ethan……" Jean stood there in complete amazement. How was it that everything always ended with the mention of Ethan? Jean couldn't help thinking about that night when Zed asked her to leave his villa.

She still remembered clearly the expression on Zed's face, his harsh words, and treatment. Although it was just a misunderstanding, he had overreacted terribly. Remembering that difficult time, upset Jean more.

"I didn't create that Weibo post." She tried defending herself. She didn't know what Zed truly thought about that incident. Since he was so hard to read, Jean didn't even know if he would believe her.

"I know that, but do you still have feelings for him?" Zed was, understandably, also tired of constantly bringing up Ethan Lei. He wanted clarity about Jean's relationship with Ethan. And so he asked directly, and looked at her for an explanation.

Jean was a little surprised and said, "I……"

"Answer my question!" Zed hissed.

"I, I ......……" After hesitating for a long while, Jean didn't know what to say.

"Forget it." Zed sighed in defeat. He couldn't understand why Jean found it so hard to talk about these things. Zed withdrew his hand. A part of him felt relieved as he didn't want to know her answer.

Still, disappointed as he was, Zed turned and walked away. He needed some space and he needed some time to think. Jean's shoulders sagged in defeat. This was all too upsetting for her.

Jean stood still for a long while. She kept her gaze on the ground as she debated over the questions Zed had asked and why she had found it so difficult to answer him. She whispered, "What's wrong with me?"

Now, were her feelings about Zed different from those she had in the past? She knew she had wanted Zed to stay. She even felt a little sad when she watched him leave. Couldn't she have shown greater affection for him over the past few days?

Looking up, Jean saw a bright moon. It seemed to be illuminating every star in the sky. But Jean was so lost in her thoughts and so burdened by the complexities of her feelings that she was in no position to appreciate the beauty of the glitt

I just had a small sip and it smelled and tasted strange."

She was still smiling, but her cheeks were flushed. Unable to meet the waiter's gaze, Jean turned to Zed only to find that he was staring at her as if waiting for something funny to happen.

'Damn it!'

The waiter didn't smile as much as he did a little while ago. He spoke politely though, "Lady, our pub doesn't sell fake wine. There is no problem with the wine. You probably thought the wine tasted and smelled strange as it hasn't been decanted yet."

Jean really didn't know what to say. Apparently she wasn't very knowledgeable about wine!

What he said was not unreasonable, but she still felt as though the wine had tasted strange. Since Jean knew little about wine, she didn't want to argue and look silly in case she was wrong. And the waiter glared at her as if daring her to correct him. Both of them just stood there in silence.

Jean glanced at Zed again for help. She was surprised to see that he was looking elsewhere, as though the scene unfolding at their table was of no concern to him.

At this moment, Jean was completely annoyed. She gritted her teeth and smiled reluctantly, before walking over to Zed. She took hold of his arms intimately and sat on his lap. She said, "Honey, didn't you feel that the wine tasted strange and then asked me about that? Now, the waiter is here. Why are you embarrassed to say that?"

The waiter was bewildered. He didn't know what to think. 'Was it the woman or her husband who thought the wine tasted odd?'

Zed was not expecting Jean to behave like this. He was stunned for a moment. Then he grinned at the opportunity that had presented itself. He wrapped his arms around Jean and pulled her closer. Then he looked at the waiter, "Bring us a wine decanter and some ice."

"Yes, sir." Relieved that the issue wasn't being escalated, the waiter left with a smile.

After the waiter left, Jean changed her smile to a glare. She tried shaking off Zed's grip. The more distance between them, the better! However, Zed thought otherwise. He simply tightened his arms around Jean.

"You did that on purpose! Take your hands off me!"

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