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   Chapter 58 Don’t Move

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"Zed, are you crazy? You still have fever..." Jean hastened to stop him when she felt his warm hands moving about her body.

A wicked smile appeared on Zed's face as though his cunning scheme had succeeded. Then he rolled to her side and pulled Jean closer. Zed buried his nose in Jean's neck as he cuddled her.

"Don't move, or I will do what I want right away." Zed's warm breath and husky voice sent shivers through Jean's body. At the same time, Zed wrapped his big, strong arms around Jean tightly.

Although Jean pursed her lips in response to Zed's actions, her heart soared. She then gradually fell asleep.


Jean was aroused from her sleep with the insistent ringing of a phone. She opened her eyes and realized that someone was calling her. She rubbed her eyes and looked to the other side of the bed. It was empty. Where had Zed gone?

The phone was still buzzing. Jean pushed away the quilt and then picked up the phone.


"Were you sleeping, Jean?" Ethan's smooth voice tingled Jean's ear.

Jean's eyes widened in surprise when she realized Ethan was calling her. Her sleep vanished and she quickly sat up in bed.

'Why is Ethan calling me? If Zed finds out, then everything will be ruined.

He is not in the room. Did he go out? Perhaps he's feeling better.' Jean felt relieved at her last thought. She breathed out a sigh.


"Yes, I just woke up." Jean replied as she rubbed her eyes. She then walked to the window and looked outside. When she didn't spot Zed, she felt somewhat empty.

'Zed must have returned to the company. How long could he have stayed away? He has a huge business to run. He would be too busy to stay away for long.'

"I couldn't get through your line earlier. What happened?"

"My phone powered off. Is there something you wanted to talk about with me?" Jean put on her shoes as she replied to Ethan.

Suddenly, she realized that she had forgotten the main purpose of her travel. It had been two days since Sonny had sent her on this assignment. However, she hadn't taken even one photo. 'I am totally doomed! What will I say when Sonny asks?'

"Jean, do you know how worried I was about you?" Ethan appeared a little unhappy. It was because Jean's tone was cold. He didn't like the way she spoke nor her attitude. He couldn't understand why she was being so indifferent.

Jean stayed silent for a while, then sighed before slowly responding, "Ethan, I don't want to talk about this with you. Thank you for your concern, but I'm good. I still have work to do. Sorry, bye."

Then Jean ended the call.

It seemed as though she was evading or refusing to speak with Ethan.

Jean didn't think much about Ethan's call. Her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Zed. She quickly got cleaned and dressed before heading out in search of Zed. As she came downstairs, she saw Zed standing near the doorway.

Jean was so mesmerized that she slowed her descent. Zed was a handsome man

curves. Her hair was simply settled in a ponytail. He admired her form as she bent and crouched to take photos.

People were always saying that those who worked devotedly were the most attractive ones. At this moment, Jean's working form was beautiful in itself. The way she smiled, chewed on her lip, and the way that her eyes sparkled when she saw something delightful...

Standing by the lakeside, Jean was absorbed in her work, The surrounding area was unparalleled in its scenic beauty. She lost all sense of time as she focused on her work.

On Zed's face, a gentle smile appeared as he watched Jean. She looked so carefree and relaxed when she worked that Zed couldn't help feeling at peace as well. As the smile grew, a thought registered. Zed's smile froze.

By the time Jean finished, the sun had settled below the horizon. They had traveled for two hours, however, it was worth the effort. There had been plenty of scenic spots along the way, and Jean had stopped to explore them all. Jean finally realized how experienced Sonny was. He knew that this scenery was suitable for shooting photos for companies. So he had advised Jean to come here to shoot. In addition to appreciating Sonny's wisdom, Jean found herself admiring him.

Jean felt lucky as she had collected a set of photos that satisfied her and met the requirements set forth by Sonny.

On the way back to the hotel, Jean and Zed stopped at the restaurant where they had lunch at noon. After finishing their meal, Jean and Zed walked back to the hotel. All her enthusiasm washed away when she remembered that Zed was not unwell anymore. 'What if he wants...'

Jean pushed the thought aside and decided to speak with Zed. Unsure of how to begin, she went with the first idea she came across. "It's been a few days since you left your company. Aren't you worried about your business?"

"What? You want to send me away?" Zed paused and asked. He stood beneath a street lamp and stared at Jean in disbelief.

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