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   Chapter 57 Giving The Medicine By Mouth

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Kim Village was a small and old town with few people. The scenery was pretty, however. Looking at the beautiful view outside the car window, Jean's mood started getting better.

'The view is really gorgeous. It's almost like the kind of town one sees on postcards. Perhaps this was one of reasons why Sonny asked me to take pictures of this small town.' Jean sighed as she took in the tall trees, the vast landscapes, and the rolling hills. Since scenic areas are usually ruined by human activities, Jean was secretly glad that small towns like Kim Village still existed. It made for an excellent spot for photography.

Jean wanted to explore the nearby area with her camera. Zed pulled over on the side of the road. Once the car had stopped and Zed had turned the engine off, Jean bit her lip and looked out the window.

She didn't have a penny in her pockets and her cell phone was out of power, which put her in a very awkward situation. Her only option was to ask Zed to lend her some money. But, she didn't know how to start the conversation. Finally, only one sound came out, "Hmm......" Zed raised an eyebrow and watched Jean purse her lips and fidget. A while passed and she still hadn't been able to figure out how to approach the topic. She kept thinking, 'Zed helped me yesterday. Today as well I have to ask him for help. It is really not good manners to do so.

Why is it so hard for me to ask him? But I must ask, for what other choice do I have?'

"What's the matter?" Zed asked before Jean could say anything. He could tell from her expression that she wanted to say something.

Jean blinked her eyes rapidly and said, "May I ask you for a favor? Will you lend me some money? I will pay you back as soon as I return home."

Zed's lips curved into a smile as he teased, "What if I refuse?"

Jean was dazed for a second. Then she stared at him with all her might. Her face looked sullen.

'What? No! Zed Qi, is this your way of getting revenge? How could you refuse me at a time like this?'

Jean was too proud to ask a second time. So she frowned and said unhappily, "Take care on your way home." Without glancing at Zed, she opened the door in preparation to leave.

"Do you really want me to go?" Zed asked calmly. But his voice lacked its usual energy. Jean frowned when she realized that his voice was faint. 'He drove me all the way to Kim Village. Perhaps the exhaustion is catching up?' Jean thought.

Her attitude softened and Jean turned to face him. She had reason to be grateful albeit he had refused to loan her money. Jean was shocked to see that Zed's face was pale. 'He must be ill.' This was Jean's first thought. Instinctively, she reached out and placed her hand on his forehead. Her eyes widened when she felt how high his temperature was.

Considering how hot his forehead was, Zed was certainly n

. So what made him so ill?'

She kept thinking about the circumstances that led to Zed's unexplained illness. Finally, Jean blamed herself. Had it not been for her mistake, Zed wouldn't be rushing to her rescue. He was exposed to this illness because he had tried to help her. Jean felt extremely guilty. Zed had been born into and raised by a wealthy family. He must be accustomed to better quality food. She thought that the breakfast they had at Tube Village might have caused the illness. She blamed herself for not being considerate of him.

Once back at the hotel, she offered the medicine to Zed. But he stubbornly refused. No matter how hard she tried, he shook his head and resisted. His temperature was rising and he was becoming increasingly listless. She was really worried about his childish behavior.

With no other alternative, Jean had to come up with a devious way to administer the medicine to Zed.

And so, she put the medicine into her mouth before placing her hands on both sides of Zed's face. She pressed her lips against his before nudging them open. Then Jean delivered the medicine by running the tip of her tongue into his mouth. Her actions woke Zed, but he pretended to be asleep.

After giving Zed the medicine, she took a sip of water, and delivered it to him the same way as she had the medicine.

All of sudden, Jean felt as though someone was watching her. When she looked up, she saw that Zed was gazing at her. In his eyes danced an emotion she was unfamiliar with. Startled, she pushed herself away, but Zed scooped her into his arms and rolled her under him.

"Did the pharmacist tell you that physical exercise helps a medicine take effect quickly?" Zed's voice was so husky that Jean was entranced.

Her face turned crimson

'Goodness me! That was a quick recovery.'

Before Jean could figure out what Zed meant, he leaned down and kissed her.

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