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   Chapter 56 How Do We... Sleep

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Although the hotel seemed to be old and shabby, the room was clean. It was not as bad as they were expecting.

The bed was not big, just enough for two people. If they could stay still in their sleep, they would not fall to the ground.

Having been put in such a situation, Zed was a little reluctant. But this was the only hotel around. If they chose not to stay, they would have to sleep in the car.

He was worried that Jean might not sleep well in the car.

"How do we... sleep?" Jean looked at him awkwardly and asked with hesitation.

"Just sleep as what we did before."


In the end, she slept against the wall and Zed on the side. The weather was not very cold so they could sleep in their clothes without covering themselves with the quilt.

Jean, who was very sleepy, couldn't fall asleep at all. She shared the bed many times with Zed. But she was extremely nervous this time, without knowing why.

But things did not go as Jean had imagined. Zed didn't do anything to her. He lay quietly beside her, motionless. Jean could even hear his rhythmic breathing. It was the first time that she had felt at ease.

Jean felt quite uncomfortable to sleep on such a small bed and in such a rigid posture. So she turned over. This action reduced the distance between her and Zed. She was now inches away from Zed's face. The bed was not wide enough, so even a turn-over made them much closer.

The tip of their noses touched gently. They could clearly feel each other's breathing. Jean's nervous heart was about to jump out. The dim light shone on his face and his fair skin, adding to his attractiveness. Jean could see Zed's face clearly. Undoubtedly, Zed was very handsome and charming with refined features. However, tiredness could also be found on his perfect face.

Perhaps he was hectic with work, not to mention the long drive probably made him even more tired. It was understandable. The longer she stared at him, the harder her heart beat for him.

Zed drove all the way here, just to see if she was with another man? The excuse sounded reasonable but both of them were soon-to-be-divorced. Zed had no obligation to keep her in check.

Regardless of his reason, Jean was still very grateful to him for coming to her rescue. She had never thought that in times of trouble, the person she missed most would be Zed. What's even more amazing was that he appeared in front of her when she wished for it.

It had never occurred to her that she would expect for Zed's help.

Could it be that she... Jean

these things but Jean was kind enough to hand them to him. In the end, he still received the food.

They asked around and found out about the gas station a kilometer away. They used the last bit of gas to drive there. When they returned, Jean borrowed some money from Zed and went to the restaurant to find the boss so she could redeemed her phone.

Back in the car, Zed didn't look well. His forehead were sweating and his brows were furrowed, as if something was wrong with his body.

"What's the matter?" Asked Jean with concern.

"I am Ok." Trying to keep his composure, he raised his head, started the engine, and drove onward.

Along the way, both of the two were rather quite and neither spoke. Jean's phone was out of power so she could not get in touch with her company. It was less than two days before the deadline of the task Sonny had given to her.

If Jean went back without taking even a single picture, Sonny, would be angry and disappointed with her.

"Urm, Zed, can you drive me to the Kim Village?"

"You still want to continue your work in such a terrible state?" Zed's tone was a little unpleasant.

Jean curled her lips and said, "This job is very important to me. Becoming a photographer has always been my dream. It wasn't easy completing the task alone, how can I give up my dream halfway? It is alright if you're busy. You can drop me off downtown."

Zed said nothing.

Even though he kept silent, he still drove Jean to the Kim Village.

It was three o'clock in the afternoon when Jean arrived at Kim Village. She was rather emotional but never did she expect, a village with just a mere difference in one letter, would be totally different!

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