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   Chapter 55 One Room, Two Persons

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Jean was supposed to get angry with Zed because he installed a tracker in her cell phone. It made her felt that he was keeping an eye on her at all times. But she knew that she'd better let it go because she needed Zed's help right now. Jean thought, 'If I piss him off, he may kick me out of his car. So I should obey him for now.'

Jean cautiously sat beside Zed. She suddenly remembered that she was crying the moment Zed found her. Jean felt so embarrassed that she almost petrified.

She had made a fool of herself in front of Zed. Jean thought, 'If he wants to take shots at me in the future, he will be talking about what happened today for a long time.'

"Why the hell did you come here?" Zed inquired coldly.

Jean was stunned. She turned to look at him. His face with clean-cut features looked icy. He kept looking forward without any intention of turning to her. His features were perfect. He could attract any woman even if his face remained expressionless.

In this dark and deserted place, Jean felt like she was starved for days, she would jump at any opportunity when any delicacy was presented to her.

However, she controlled herself. Jean gulped and smiled in embarrassment before telling Zed the whole story.

She could feel Zed's mood had sunk rock bottom by the end of her explanation.

"Are you a fool?" Zed turned around and frowned, "You didn't notice when your money had been stolen nor have you realized your cell phone was drained of power. Don't you think you would be a laughing stock if anyone heard about this?"

Jean stared at Zed, wide eye and miserable.

"How would I know things would end up like this. Who knows when my purse would be stolen? It could happen before I took the ride or maybe even after. Anyway... This won't happen again." Depressed, Jean bowed her head.

Looking back at her experience today, Jean felt she had used up all the bad luck in her life. She'd probably experienced all the unfortunate there was and there shouldn't be more.

But... Jean gently bit her lip

ubt in his eyes, he looked at the innkeeper, then at Jean.

The innkeeper gaped for a moment when she heard Zed calling Jean 'Honey'. Then, with disappointment, she arranged a room for them.

Jean froze in place. With all things considered, they were a pair of legally married couple. But ...

"Urm, can we have separate rooms? I'll pay you back later." Jean hesitated. That surprised the innkeeper beside her.

After receiving the payment, she put the key on the table, "Your room is the first one on the left."

She took a look at Jean and muttered to herself, "Is the woman out of her mind? Why would she want a separate room when she has such a handsome and rich husband."

If it were her, she would have been all over him by now.

"Unless you have the money to rent your own room, you'll have to sleep on the street tonight!" Zed picked up the key and left Jean mercilessly. He walked towards the room that the innkeeper pointed earlier.

He frowned at the key in his hand and opened the door.

'Sleeping on the street?'

Jean would never let herself do so. She had nothing to lose in the past but now... If she made him angry now, she might not be able to get back home.

So she entered the room with Zed.

It was a small room, only about ten square meters. Apart from a bed, there was a bathroom which could only fit one person.

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