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   Chapter 54 Silly Woman, Your Ignorance Is Painful

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"Erm, boss, my cellphone is out of power and I don't have any money on me......" She didn't know what to do either, it was her first time in such situation.

The boss took a glimpse of Jean, "Judging from your clothes, they aren't cheap. You don't look like a swindler. However, I operate a business, not charity, so you'll still have to pay up."

"I didn't say that I wouldn't. I just don't have money right now. How about tomorrow? I will find a place to charge my cellphone and call my friend to pick me up. By that time, I can pay for my meal. Is this alright?"

At that moment, she felt so helpless.

With the mention of her cellphone, the eyes of the boss gleamed, "Well, you can just keep your cellphone here and return tomorrow when you find a charger".

Jean had no choice but to give her cellphone to the boss as guarantee.

She was drowned in powerlessness when such situation happened. Jean walked on the street with her luggage, feeling extremely depressed. This town was quiet, very different from the city as it would be ablaze by now.

Only a few pedestrians roamed the streets and shops closed early. She was left alone to wander around aimlessly and helplessly.

Her long walk led her back to where she started. No one was around either. It was dark, nothing around but an old street light illuminating a stop sign.

The night was so quiet that she could hear her own breathing clearly. It was completely dark ahead as the street light failed to brighten anything further.

A cold breeze chilled her face. Such tranquil night reminded her of the night outside the operation room several years ago. Those dim lights that shone down the aisle made her feel nothing but despair.

Her mother passed away peacefully inside the operation room while her father stayed outside with another woman. At that time, she was still a child. Incapable of understanding human warmth, only fear. Feared of being alone and without anyone to rely on.

It was a feeling she had forgotten over th

to squat by the road side? What if the person who stop in front of you wasn't me? What if it was bad company?'

He didn't wake her up even though he was furious. He parked by the side and looked at Jean. It was quiet in the car, he could only hear her breathing. Her eyelashes were long and delicate like butterfly wings with small pearl-like tears hanging on them. Jean shivered from time to time.

Jean didn't sleep long and woke up soon after. As she opened her eyes, she found herself inside the car and stood up from shock. She hit her head to the roof of the car.

"Ouch!" Yelling in pain, Jean bit her lips, turned around and was startled to find Zed. "Why are you here?"

She questioned whether this was a dream. That face was so real. There was no way it was not Zed but how was this possible?

How did Zed end up here?

"I've tracked your location via your phone." He spoke neutrally but his face showed a little concern.

Jean kept silent for a while. Rubbing her head with her hand, she asked: "You installed a GPS tracker in my cellphone?" She was not sure if she should be angry or surprised.

She was angry because she wasn't allowed any freedom, her movement was tracked anytime and anywhere. Though she felt relieved too because if it wasn't for the tracker, she would not be sitting in his car right now.

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