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   Chapter 53 Jean Got In The Wrong Bus And Her Wallet Was Stolen

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Shirley smiled with satisfaction and her eyes sparkled. "Jean doesn't deserve Zed at all. The tweet on Weibo made such big trouble. Zed still believed her. Jean must have used some contemptible means to captivate Zed.

If we want to get out of this matter, we have to create a misunderstanding between Jean and Zed. The deeper the misunderstanding, the quicker they will break up.

Moreover, excellent men like Zed may be interested in a person like Jean, however, that will last only for a short period. Therefore, once they are separated, Zed won't protect her anymore, and our problems will be naturally solved. Isn't it?"

"Actually, you are seeking a good future for yourself. You want to get married to Zed and live as a rich lady. We all know your real thoughts. But Zed isn't interested in you. Even if you successfully separate them, how will you make sure that Zed will marry you?"

Everyone in the Wen house knew how Shirley truly felt. She had for long been envious of Jean only because of the person she had married. Shirley had often spoken about how her life would be had she been the one to marry Zed instead of Jean. Since Winner had spoken so candidly, Shirley didn't feign innocence. She spoke honestly as well, "It is my decision whether or not to marry Zed. Anyway, my main concern is to stop that bitch from bullying me at will with Zed's support."

"Firstly, you need to persuade our dad and mom. Remember that we are now confined at home. Although I'm going out, I expect you to keep your promise. Don't divulge my secret to dad and mom."

"How do you feel about what I have said…"

"I will talk about that with you after I return. You can rest assured. I am your brother. It goes without saying that I will always stand by you." After saying that, Winner hurriedly went to the window and looked down.

The second floor wasn't too high from the ground. And there was a partition between the two floors. Winner climbed out of the window and jumped on to the partition. Then he jumped to the ground. Since he was in good shape that wasn't difficult for him.

It took less than a minute for Winner to reach the ground.

A car suddenly approached him and stopped. Winner got in the car quickly.

Shirley shook her head reluctantly. Even if she didn't like her younger brother, Winner was still the only other man in their family aside from their father.

If Winner continued like this, he would not have the skills to lead the Wen Group in the future. If only their father believed that she were qualified enough to accede the family business.

Shirley could not help thinking about that.

Meanwhile, in the bus, Jean was puzzled. When she studied the bus routes, she had learned that it would take three hours for her to reach her destination. However, the bus that Jean had climbed in had been driving for the whole day.

"Okay, Mr. Qi." The secretary nodded before running to press the elevator button for Zed.

'Mr. Qi has always been calm and rational. What happened to make him like this? He seems to be quite anxious. Even his eyebrows have been furrowed! Did something untoward happen?' thought the secretary.

As night fell, Zed frantically sped along the highway.

Meanwhile, Jean had reached the town and walked it end to end searching for a hotel. However, there were none to be found. After over two hours of walking, she had almost given up. She had seen a few small restaurants nearby and decided to have a meal first. Since she was tired and hungry, at least she could settle one concern.

After eating and drinking, Jean asked the owner where the nearest hotel was. The owner told her that there was only one hotel in the whole town. Then he proceeded to give her directions. After thanking the owner, Jean asked for the bill. However, she found that the wallet was gone!

She remembered packing her bag earlier that morning. In fact it had been so full that there wasn't place for something as small as a hair pin. Now, however, the bag was almost empty!

Jean stared at her bag as reality set in.

Seeing that, the owner understood what had happened to Jean. The girl had undertaken a long journey and her wallet had been stolen by pickpockets. She had no money. Thinking about that, the owner immediately changed his attitude.

"Lady, it seems that you have no money to pay."

Jean slowly raised her head. She bit her lip and felt helpless. She did not know how to deal with such a situation. Her wallet had been stolen. As for the mobile phone… Jean suddenly thought of her mobile phone.

The only thing she could do at that time was ask someone for help.

Eagerly, she grabbed her phone. However, when she looked at the screen, she realized that it had no charge left and had powered down.

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