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   Chapter 52 The Conspiracy Between Shirley and Winner

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Joy was afraid of infuriating Henry as the consequences were unimaginable. She had spent many years consolidating her position in the Wen family and had finally succeeded. But all her efforts would not bear fruit as long as Henry felt discontented with her.

Shirley returned to her room. She was both, afraid and angry. If she had known things would go like this at the beginning, she might have stopped Jean from marrying Zed. She had been too naive to think that a handsome, wealthy, and extraordinary man like Zed would never fall in love with Jean, a good-for-nothing. Shirley did not believe that Zed would get so easily attached in his marriage unless he was trapped by Jean.

The more Shirley thought about the situation, the angrier she became. If Jean had been standing in front of her, Shirley would have strangled her.

It was barely day-break when Jean got out of bed. Sonny had tasked her with taking photos for a project. This task would last three days. She hadn't been to work since the incident between Zed and Ethan. Regardless, Sonny had asked her to take responsibility for such an important case. This naturally made her colleagues feel very dissatisfied. It was unfair that a newcomer with no experience and poor attendance be given such a wonderful opportunity.

Even Jean thought it was very strange. But considering that she was Sonny's apprentice and technically, not an employee, it could be seen as his efforts to train her.

Once Jean had started working with Sonny, she had done her best to use the skills and knowledge she had learned at college to meet his expectations. Even during her time off, Jean had studied about photography. Her grades used to be excellent in college. She was convinced that she was a quick learner. But Sonny was one of the best photographers in the country. He had also won many awards abroad. Jean made up her mind that she would finish the task handed to her carefully and successfully. She wouldn't let Sonny down.

It was eight a.m by the time Jean left home. She reached the bus station and patiently waited for the bus to arrive. Last evening, she had checked and re-checked the route she had to take. After much thinking, Jean had decided to use the bus instead of calling for a taxi. The location of the photo shoot was unfamiliar to her and she was worried that the taxi driver might have trouble finding the location as well. Not only would she get late for the shoot, but it would be expensive for her.

The bus station was very crowded. There were all kinds of people standing and waiting for their buses. Jean did not pay much attention to the people around her. As an infrequent traveler, she was more concerned about catching the right bus than looking after her belongings. After her bus pulled up, Jean climbed in and bought her ticket. Since the bus was crowded, she squeezed in the middle as she searched for a place to sit. She did not expect a pickpocket to be following her. The pickpocket cut Jean's bag carefully and stole her wallet.

An hour later, many people had gotten off the bus. Jean was then able to find an empty seat. Just as she sat down, the phone in her hand began to

r. Now you are being cruel. You are asking me to take all the blame! If Jean does not forgive me and Zed does not recall the appeal, I will be sued by them. More seriously, I may be the one going to jail. I'm studying to take over father's business. I can't take this risk."

Winner walked over to the closet and picked out some clothes.

Shirley seemed to have expected that Winner would refuse her. So she did not become angry. She examined her nails and rolled her eyes before looking up. "Do you think that you can get out of this trouble even if you refuse my suggestion? My dear brother, siblings are always expected to help each other. And what's more, if it comes down to your word against mine, who do you think dad would believe?"

As soon as Shirley's subtle threat registered, Winner stopped changing his clothes. What Shirley had said was reasonable. He really couldn't get away unscathed. But he just kept doubting that Shirley had a proper plan.

"What do you mean?"

"Does it matter that Zed Qi's lawyer sent us the letter? Are you willing to see Jean live a happy life free from worries? At the same time, why should we be tolerant about being punished by our parents? Can you endure such partiality?"

"Do you intend to make things worse then?" Winner took off his shirt, picked up another from his bed, and put it on. Shirley turned her back and frowned. "You are old enough to feel shame. Can't you go to the bathroom when changing your clothes?"

Winner did not speak. After changing his clothes, he looked at the clock again. He asked, "Let's be quick about this. I don't have time. What do you want to do?"

Winner knew his sister well. She certainly had a devious plan in mind. And in this moment, Winner felt the same way she did. He was curious and wanted to hear what she had thought of. Winner had been in and out of trouble so many times in these past few weeks that he knew their father would not go easy on him. Even more worrisome was how far Zed would go. Winner needed to think of alternatives.

This was as good a time as any to listen to what Shirley had to say.

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