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   Chapter 51 In Big Trouble

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At the Wen house, everyone was gathered in the living room.

"Who can explain this legal notice?" Henry was very angry. He threw the document onto the coffee table with such force that Shirley and Winner were startled.

Shirley and Winner who were sitting next to each other on the sofa, exchanged puzzled looks.

Once Joy had finished cooking the sweet soup, she poured it in a serving bowl and carried it out. Seeing Henry Wen's expression, she placed the tray on the coffee table before patting his back. She tried to comfort Henry and said in a soft tone, "Dear Henry, what is upsetting you so much?"

"How can I not be furious? Open your eyes and see what kind of children we have! Your good daughter and son have brought more difficulties on to this family!" Henry trembled with rage.

Joy shifted her gaze to the document on the coffee table. She was rather perplexed but did not look at the paper closely. On the contrary, she led Henry to the sofa and said tenderly, "Darling, cool down. What did Shirley and Winner do this time?"

Then she turned to Shirley and Winner. Feigning anger, she asked, "What did you do to make your dad so cross?"

Shirley had no idea why her father had suddenly lost his temper and scolded them. Curious as she was, she leaned forward and picked up the document. She flipped through a few pages randomly. Her eyes widened. It was then that she realized the reason for her father's displeasure.

Winner did not take his father's concerns seriously. He was selfish and only worried about his own problems. Since all his past troubles had been sorted, he was happy to have gained his freedom again. That was enough. So nothing was worth his worry and attention. He leisurely lifted a cup of the sweet soup to drink. Upon receiving a glare from his mom, Winner hesitated and put down the soup.

"Dad... This... Oh, no! This document is pure slander. I did not... Winner and I were not involved in this matter at all." Shirley was very nervous and stuttered as she spoke. Her face paled and showed her discomfort. In order to convince her father, she exerted all her efforts to feign innocence as if this matter really had nothing to do with her.

Henry retorted with a snort. He said nothing to Shirley. Instead he turned his face away as though he couldn't look at her anymore. He knew his daughter well enough to not believe her.

Joy stood by Henry's side and felt really confused. She knew Henry would not get this agitated over a minor issue. Something terrible must have happened to solicit such a reaction from him. The only other time he'd gotten this irritated was when the Wen family encountered trouble over the land he wanted.

'What had happened? Did that land deal go wrong again?' The expression on Joy's face sobered. She also noticed Shirley's expression. Her daughter looked rather guilty. That unsettled Joy. So she immediately took the document from Shirley's hand and began reading it. Disbelief and anger reflected on Joy's face as she finished reading it.

"This... What is this? What happened? Why is Zed Qi prosecuting us again? The document states the reason as hacking the plaintiff's social media account and smearing the plaintiff publicly." Joy lifted her head to look at Shirley before asking her, "Shirley, what is it? What did you do?"

"Mom, I, I really don't know..." Shirley's guilty conscience did not allow her to meet Joy's inquisitive g

o it cannot be that serious." Winner tried to rationalize using arguments that were perhaps, more logical than Shirley's. However, it was still unbelievable which is why he still looked a little worried.

He was young and still had a lot of time to enjoy life. It would be rather terrible for him to be convicted and imprisoned.

Joy got a headache. Last time, she was refused when she proposed apologizing to Jean to save her children.

Jean was not the frightened girl who lived in the Wen house. She had Zed to support her and protect her. That was precisely why it had become harder and harder to get Shirley and Winner out of trouble.

Since Jean had taken the step to sever her relationship with the whole Wen family, they would no longer be able to beg for forgiveness using consideration for family as their excuse. Joy felt a splitting headache coming on as she thought of such matters.

So she pressed her lips and said nothing to her son and daughter.

Shirley looked at the ground and pouted. She was extremely angry and resentful. The tweet posted on Weibo had caused a heated discussion. Shirley had thought that Jean's reputation would be ruined completely this time. But all her expectations were destroyed by Zed, who intervened halfway.

Shirley suddenly thought of something and raised her head in delight. She said to Joy, "Mom, Zed is just suspicious of us. He does not have strong evidence to confirm that we hacked Jean's account. So even if we have to go to court, it does not mean that we will lose. As long as I clear the evidence from the computer or throw it away, we will be safe. Isn't that right?"

"Yes! Yes!" Winner echoed Shirley's excitement as a glimmer of hope rekindled in his black eyes.

"You two are too naive. Don't you know what kind of person Zed is? I advise you to stop dreaming that you will miraculously get away with it. The only thing for you to do now is to find a way to win Zed's forgiveness. You are not allowed to leave this house until you come up with a sensible idea. Now, go back to your rooms and reflect on your behavior!"

While it was clear that Shirley and Winner had done something to earn Zed's wrath, Joy couldn't help blame Jean. She cursed her step-daughter for always landing them into big trouble.

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