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   Chapter 50 You Manipulative Bitch, I Won’t Forgive You

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So Eva saw her with Zed at the corridor. It's no wonder that she misunderstood her.

She gave a sigh of relief and proceeded to explain, "It's not what you think it is. Zed was drunk and it was out of his character to do something like that. Don't misunderstand us. There is nothing between Zed and me."

Eva was completely relaxed now. She narrowed her lips and loosened her hands under the table. She asked with a softer tone, "Then what about you? What's your feel about Zed?"

About Zed...

In the past, she would deny having any feelings for him without a moment of hesitation but now...

No. She still doesn't.

Jean lifted her head up and looked Eva in the eye, "I have no feelings for Zed. Relax. I won't fall in love with him and he won't fall in love with me either. You guys... make a better couple."

"But... what if Zed likes you?" Eva continued to ask.

Jean laughed, "No way. How can he fall in love with me? We only married for commercial benefits. Although we have not yet divorced, we are of no use to each other any more."

She smiled at her own mockery.

Her sole value of existence, for her one and only family, was being the sacrificial lamb to marry Zed. Once that value disappeared, she's nothing.

As for Zed? He got what he wanted.

Those were the things she said to comfort herself; to lighten the pain she felt in her heart. "Relax. I really don't have any feelings for Zed. I just want to help you; to let you and Zed get back together so I can divorce him as soon as possible."

Satisfied with her answer, Eva smiled and put the recording pen which she held in her hand into the bag. She lowered her head and stirred her coffee with the spoon. She looked up slightly and saw Jean drinking the juice doubtlessly. A cold smile curled the corners of her lips and she schemed.

'Jean Wen, I'd like to see how will Zed react after hearing what you just said!'


Eva waited at the entrance of Zed's company. It took a while until Zed f

etween us. Please restrain yourself."

He was done and ready to leave.

"Is it because of Jean Wen?" Biting her lips, she reached out for his sleeve again. Her reddish eyes were filled with resentment as intense as a wild beast. Under the moonlight, her delicate and attractive face was piteous.

However, it was not attractive to Zed at all.

"What if it is? It's none of your business."

His answer nearly broke her. That woman was not her match. How could she obtain Zed's heart so easily? If only she knew things would end up like this, she would have returned with Zed even at the cost of her life.

Even so, she would not give up!

She would never let Jean take Zed away from her, definitely not!

Jean Wen, the manipulative bitch. She's not a good match for Zed. How come she got to be around Zed? She didn't deserve it!

Zed got rid of her hands gently and turned his face sideways slightly. His face seemed solemn, "By the way, get away from her. Don't ever pull this recording stunt again. Jean is my wife. If you dare to mess with her again, be prepared for the consequences."

With that, Zed strode away. A cold wind blew. Eva clenched her hands and gnashed her teeth. She stared at the Zed's back and said maliciously, "Damn it. Jean Wen, you manipulative bitch. I won't forgive you for this."

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