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   Chapter 49 Don't Contact Him Anymore

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During the drive, Zed's face was gloomy and his brows furrowed. He said nothing. It was as though Jean had caused a huge problem.

Straightening her hair that had just been messed up by the wind, Jean took a deep breath and turned to Zed. "About my Residence Booklet…"

"Do you have no intention of explaining the situation to me?" Zed's voice was so cold that Jean couldn't help but to shudder from his confrontation.

"Huh? What is there to explain? "

"Explain to me about that tryst you were having with another man on the side of the road at night!"

"Tryst?" Jean puckered up her mouth and said: "I haven't trysted with other men! When I went out of the company, he was already at the door. You..." Half way through, Jean paused. Why should she explain to him?

They were going to get divorced. Whoever she's with had nothing to do with Zed.

Jean rolled her eyes. She looked up and glanced at Zed. "If you don't divorce me, I will tryst with other men just to show everyone that you're a cuckold!"

The tires screeched. Zed had brought the car to a sudden halt. Jean almost knocked her head onto the windscreen.

A kiss was forced onto her without warning. Zed's tongue gently parted her lips and entered her mouth, softly intertwining with her tongue..

Unlike their last kiss, Zed was more gentle this time.

Jean was in a daze, her sight locked onto Zed who was only centimeters away. His long eyelashes were like the wings of a butterfly. They were pleasing to look at.

But… This is Zed!

She told herself that she could fall for anyone except Zed. She lacked the confidence to handle a man of his status.

But why did she felt good now? Jean was so enchanted by this kiss that she forgot to retaliate. She closed her eyes and responded to Zed's kiss for the first time.

Feeling her mutual respond for the first time, Zed was baffled. He then kissed Jean fiercely until she felt breathless. Only until Zed involuntarily caressed her body with his hands did Jean come to her sense and push him away f

n said as she frowned: "What happened? I have already done what I can for that night. The room was also decorated romantically too. Did it not work on him? That's impossible. It worked when I did it..." Jean paused. She was afraid that Eva might misunderstand her so she said nothing further.

Something snapped inside Eva. She clenched her fists tightly. Her soft smile became cold and her gentle gaze turned menacing. "How long are you going to keep up with that lie? Helping me was never your intention from the start. You were just using me all this time, isn't it ?"

Eva glared at Jean, biting her lip angrily. "I think of you as my good friend and this is how you repay me?"

"Using you? No, I didn't. I have been helping you all the time. Why should I lie to you? I wouldn't have created the opportunity for you to bond with Zed if I was lying to you." Jean explained angrily.

She was aware of her goal. There was no way Eva would think of her as a good friend. She was merely using her to get close to Zed after all. Jean, on the other hand, only wanted Eva to reconcile with Zed so she could be free.

Hearing Jean's explanation, Eva was slightly relieved. She asked calmly: "Then how do you explain that time in the club, when you and Zed were in the corridor..."

Jean was stunned for a few seconds. Eva was at the party that night?

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