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   Chapter 48 He Doesn't Want A Divorce

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Jean was touched by Zed's question, and couldn't help thinking about moving back to the villa.

No way!

Jean was shocked by this insane idea. For a moment there she thought she might have gone mad. Thus, she tried to analyze her situation rationally.

Jean had experienced several difficulties before moving out of Zed's villa. She could not understand why she had considered returning when a new life was beckoning to her.

Thinking about that, Jean immediately shook her head and said, "I will stay wherever I like except for your house. As we are going to divorce, it is inappropriate for me to live in your home."

After sharing her thoughts with Zed, Jean turned to face the elevator door. She gawked when she realized that she had forgotten to press the elevator button. She frowned and then pressed the button for the fifth floor.

"Divorce?" Zed Qi glared at Jean and sneered, "Are you so eager to be with your lover? We've only just separated. Isn't it too early? You've already gone out in public with him. Isn't that enough?"

Jean tilted her head as Zed's words sank in. Was he jealous? Jean thought over his strong remarks and realized that Zed was indeed jealous.

"Not... at all." Jean spoke slowly. She turned and looked at Zed. She wanted him to see that she was being sincere. "We aren't from the same world. We don't belong together. Now, I am no longer helpful to you. You should return my Residence Booklet so that we can get that divorce as soon as possible."

Just as Jean finished talking, the elevator reached the fifth floor. A soft ding sounded as the doors rolled open.

The encounter with Zed had flustered Jean so much that she rushed out without giving Zed the chance to reply.

"Jean Wen, you..." Zed stopped mid-sentence when he noticed that Jean wasn't stopping to finish their conversation. He stared at her retreating form with a broken heart. Indeed, as a good-looking and highly accomplished young man, Zed had never been so distressed over a woman.

Never in his wildest dreams had Zed thought that he would feel so strongly about Jean. When he had agreed to the nominal marriage between him and Jean, he was sure that his life would remain unchanged. And yet, here he stood pining away for the woman who had turned his world upside down. His heart had been locked, and only Jean had the key!

Zed hung his head in defeat. He knew that he had no one to confide in. If he told others what he was suffering, they would no doubt make fun of him. How would he ever find the right way to convince Jean that he did not want a divorce?

Suddenly, it occurred to Zed that Jean was still being attacked by the netizens on Weibo because of that picture of her and Ethan. Zed decided to help Jean out of this ridiculous situation. Zed lowered his head as he pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket.



anced at Ethan as though challenging Ethan to say otherwise. Then he held Jean's hand affectionately and drew her toward him. Afterward, he talked to Ethan with hostility, "Ethan Lei, I don't care what happened between you and Jean in the past, but now, I am warning you. Stay away from her. She is my woman, not yours!"

Ethan sneered and raised his eyebrows, "Your woman? Are your sure that Jean is your woman? You abandoned her. You left her penniless and homeless. You have no right to claim her!"

As Zed and Ethan glared at each other, the tension became so palpable that it terrified Jean.

It seemed that Zed and Ethan were getting ready for a serious confrontation.

Worried that they would hurt each other, Jean stepped in between the men. She then tried to ease the conflict. She smiled and said, "Eh... Peace breeds wealth, peace breeds wealth, you don't..."

Before Jean could finish speaking, Zed pulled her into his arms and held her tight. He ignored Jean's mediation and responded to Ethan, "Our personal issues are none of your business. You should focus on improving your character, Ethan. A real gentleman would never flirt with a married woman."

A married woman...

Jean felt very awkward when she heard the phrase.

Before Ethan could respond, Zed turned and embraced Jean. She melted in his arms even before his slow kiss came to an end. Then, he gave her a seductive smile and lowered his head to stare at her affectionately, "My dear wife, let's go home!"

A stunned Ethan gawked as Zed pulled Jean closer to him and walked her to his car. Zed opened the door for Jean in gentlemanly deference and settled her in the passenger seat. Afterward, he climbed into the drivers seat, started the engine, and left with Jean.

Ethan's face was black with rage. He threw away the roses and glared at Zed's car as it sped away into the night. "This isn't over yet, Zed Qi!"

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