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   Chapter 47 An Addiction to Intimacy

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"It will be a new experience for you, " Sonny continued speaking as he stepped through the office doors. "You can help on the set and learn from me. I might even let you take some photographs." As soon as Sonny had finished speaking, he nodded at his assistant who then opened the car door for him. Sonny got in the car before Jean could reply.

Jean was in a trance. She couldn't believe how her first day at work was turning out. First the gossip and now this. 'No, no! It can't be!' she thought.

"What's wrong? You don't want to come?" When Sonny saw that Jean was still outside the car, he asked with concern.

"No... boss, I..." Jean didn't know what to say. Sonny had accepted her as his apprentice so it was normal for him to take her along to learn.

'If I refuse, will Sonny be upset?' Jean wondered.

"Hmm?" Sonny looked at her expectantly.

"I am afraid that I don't have any experience. Since this is my first day, I'm worried I will make mistakes. How about I stay at the company and learn for a few days before I accompany you on shoots?" She explained and forced a smile.

Upon hearing this, Sonny relaxed and replied to her with a smile, "It doesn't matter. I've never accepted an apprentice before. Since you are my apprentice, I will train you well. Get in the car. We'll be late if you don't hurry."

Jean couldn't refuse any more since Sonny had assured her that he would teach her. After getting in the car, she prayed that she wouldn't meet Zed at the Qi Group.

Judging from Sonny's reactions, he probably didn't know what had transpired between Zed and her.

The weather was so unpredictable. When Jean had left her office, it had been sunny. During the car drive, clouds had rolled in. By the time they had arrived at the Qi Group building, a relentless downpour had started.

The Qi Group's staff were already waiting at the gate with an umbrella.

Jean smiled at the consideration shown by the Qi Group's staff members. Though they had only come for a promotional film shoot, the staff had prepared for the rain.

However, Jean's smile faded when she realized that the service was only for Sonny. Jean and Sonny's assistant had to run into the building without the protection of umbrellas.

"Come on. Why didn't they bring more umbrellas since they are here to welcome us?" Jean mumbled once inside the building. She frowned as she patted the rain from her clothes. Still walking, she didn't see where she was going. The moment she lifted her head, she ran into a tall person.

She rubbed her throbbing head and looked up. Jean froze when she realized she h

silence stretched on for what seemed like an eternity. Time seemed to have stopped for Jean. The surrounding air seemed suffocating and only their breathing could be heard.

"You seem to be enjoying your freedom since you left. Aren't you?" Zed turned and closed in on her. Jean took a step back only to find that he had cornered her.

Jean's face turned crimson. She didn't answer him.

"Are you pretty happy with Ethan Lei?" He asked in an indifferent tone. With the way the corners of his mouth turned up, Jean could sense a little sarcasm.

Jean shifted her gaze to the ground and whispered, "I'm not with him."

It was such a simple answer. Zed believed her. Ever since he had wronged her, Zed didn't dare to pass judgement without knowing the facts.

Zed hadn't seen Jean in several days and he had truly missed her.

Jean's words seemed to have softened Zed's attitude toward her. He gently placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face till she was looking at him. "How long are you planning to stay away?"

Her breath hitched as she realized that Zed was asking when she was going to move back to the villa.

His handsome face and delicate facial features were right in front of her. The tenderness and desire she saw reflecting in Zed's eyes stole her soul. Jean's lips parted and a soft gasp escaped when she understood that she was falling for Zed.

Ever since their separation, Jean had slept poorly. She knew it was because she had already gotten used to having him sleep by her side. Their break-up had also left Jean on edge and anxious. It was only when she felt relieved after seeing Zed did Jean understand why she felt the way that she did. As the realization dawned on Jean, she became nervous.

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