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   Chapter 46 An Overwhelming Kiss

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Dejected, Zed turned and walked toward the bar counter.


Zed sat down at the counter and requested Zack for a drink. He chose the strongest whisky available.

After twisting off the cap, he immediately gulped down several large mouthfuls.

This surprised Zack. He tilted his head and looked at Zed. His lip corners turned upward, then he said in a concerned yet sarcastic tone, "Zed, I didn't expect that you would be so invested in this relationship. You are so serious this time that you even came here to confront her. Zed, you really surprise me..."

"Shut up!" Zed glared mercilessly at Zack before throwing back another shot of whisky.

The party was livelier than usual. The hall was a cacophony of sounds. With all the people talking and laughing and the loud music being played by the DJ, Zed's head started aching.

While looking at the liquor in the glass, the scene he had seen earlier of Jean and Ethan laughing and talking flashed through Zed's mind.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he felt in his heart.

Zed finally couldn't bare it anymore. He fiercely slammed the glass in his hand onto the counter, then turned and left the bar.

Zack shook his head and sighed, "Even an extraordinary business talent can be trapped by love."

As Zed walked across the dance floor, his handsome appearance attracted the attention of many women.

However, Zed pushed his way past them and headed straight for the toilet.

Jean hadn't had supper yet. When her stomach rumbled, she decided to go looking for food. As she stepped out of the private room to find something to eat, she saw Zed.

Jean didn't expect that she would meet Zed at the party. Zed's appearance surprised her so much that her heart began pounding. She looked at him with widened eyes.

Zed's gaze had been on the floor. When he smelt Jean's familiar scent, he looked up. Zed's eyes roamed over Jean as he studied her appearance. From her styled hair to the tight dress, and the light makeup, she looked so attractive. A feeling of possessiveness overwhelmed Zed.

As his eyes searched her face for an explanation, Jean shifted her gaze away. Her heart pounded even more strongly and rapidly.

Before she could think of something to say, Jean felt Zed's hands cupping her face.

In the next instant, Zed's warm lips pressed against hers. Before she could fathom what he was doing, Zed's lips forced open Jean's. His kiss was so passionate that it seemed as though he was releasing all his pent up emotions.

This scene, however, was spotted by Eva, who had come to the party after learning that Zed would also attend. She had planned to use this opportunity to charm Zed, but to Eva's surprise, she was shocked by what she had seen.

The scene was so disturbing that she felt tears stinging her eyes.

She glared at them


"Right, she is not that pretty! How dare she cheat on Zed? She is so licentious…"

"Do you think she has an intimate relationship with our boss?"

"I think there is a good possibility of that. She is a wanton woman…"

"Sh, stop! We will get into trouble if the boss hears our chat."

Jean felt upset after hearing her colleagues speak so callously about her. After all, the Weibo incident had been caused by Shirley and Winner. There was no truth to it. She wasn't a wanton woman professing her love for another man despite being married!

She had heard that all the employees at Sonny's company were elites and that they handled enormous quantities of business every day. So they were basically always busy.

Jean sat at her desk and waited for someone to arrange work for her. A few minutes later, she saw Sonny striding out of his office. An assistance carrying photography paraphernalia followed close behind. It seemed as though they were leaving for an assignment.

"Jean, we are going to shoot an advertising video. Come with me!"

"Err?" Jean was stunned. She became even more conscious when her colleagues stopped what they were doing and stared at her.

She was acutely aware that once she left, they would gossip about how her personal relationship with Sonny had earned her an invitation to a video shoot despite this being her first day at work.…

"Let's go!" Sonny ordered. He didn't allow Jean to think. Instead, he doubled his step.

Jean followed in a hurry. She made a conscious effort to forget about the gossip. The excitement about shooting a video with Sonny on her first working day was too great to allow her to wallow in self-pity.

Her face reflected the excitement and happiness she felt. However, Sonny's next few words, astonished Jean and she felt herself spiraling into an abyss of despair.

"Today, we are going to shoot for Qi Group."

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