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   Chapter 45 Rekindling Her Relationship With Ethan

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It was in the evening.

Jean had been upset all day. She felt as though her heart and mind was weighed down.

But even so, she still needed to earn her living. She was not comfortable about her arrangement with Ethan. She wanted to find a job quickly so that she could pay back the money she was using. Jean had sent her resume to several companies but they rejected her candidacy as she didn't have the required qualifications.

Jean majored in photography at the university. Although she had performed well at school and had won several awards for design, these achievements wouldn't help her secure a job.

Exhausted and depressed, Jean walked back to the hotel and lay down. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang.

When Jean opened the door, she saw Ethan had come to visit her. He was impeccably dressed in a fitted tuxedo. He stood at her door casually, with one hand in his trouser pocket. Jean had forgotten how extraordinarily elegant and handsome he looked when he dressed up.

In his other hand, he carried a fancy bag with a large square box in it.

Ethan's genuine smile dazzled Jean. For a minute, she was captivated by how handsome he looked. It was this charming smile and bright eyes that had always helped Ethan bewitch people.

In the past, Jean had a crush on him. But then Jean remembered her experiences with handsome men like Ethan and Zed. She found that the more charming a man is, the more hurt he would bring to a woman.

"How did you know that I am here?" Jean smiled stiffly. She was shocked that Ethan had learned of which hotel she was staying at. She didn't know how to deal with this situation at that moment.

They had just met last night. She wasn't expecting to meet Ethan again so quickly. Jean felt a little embarrassed to see her ex-boyfriend so often.

"Do you think it is difficult for me to find a person?"

The bright smile on Ethan's face and his teasing tone made Jean think that he was in a good mood. Jean studied Ethan and found that the longer he looked at her, the more his eyes sparkled. He seemed genuinely happy to be with her.

Since Jean hadn't as yet extended him an invitation to come inside, Ethan gently prompted her. "May I come in?"

"Okay……" Jean hesitated for a second before angling her body away from the door. She had made space for Ethan to enter.

"Did you sleep well last night?"

"Not bad."

"Have you caught a cold?"


The simple communication between them made the atmosphere of the small room extraordinarily dull. Nervous, Jean entwined her fingers and shuffled her feet.

It wasn't night yet, but the sun had set. The night screen rolled down the windows and the room became dim.

"Well, I…" Jean stopped before she could finish her sentence. She was so anxiou

ew insights that seemed unique to Sonny. He was pleasantly surprised to hear such refreshing feedback. Pleased with Jean, Sonny offered her the opportunity to be his student.

Jean was flabbergasted for a moment. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that she would be offered such an honor. Her smile froze and the wine glass in her hand trembled for a few seconds. "Sonny, did you ask me to be your student?"

"Of course. Although you don't have any representative work in this industry, I think you are very talented. Well, don't you want to be my student?" Sonny asked with his eyebrows raised.

Jean immediately shook her head and quickly smiled. "I want to be your student. I'm just... so shocked! I can't believe that you would see such potential in me. It will be my pleasure to have such a chance to learn from you."

As Ethan approached Jean, he heard Sonny's offer and Jean's acceptance. Thrilled, he immediately invited them to a private room where they could continue their conversation uninterrupted.

At that time, Jean was so excited that she didn't notice that someone was staring at her from the doorway. Zed's face had darkened once he spotted Jean with Ethan.

Zed had been informed that Jean and Ethan would attend the party together. Just hearing that had angered Zed. However, he hadn't anticipated how upset he'd be when he actually saw them together.

Once at the venue, Zed walked around looking for Jean. Finally, he spotted her in the private room. But he didn't expect that Jean would be alone with Ethan.

Because of the viewing angle, Zed couldn't see Sonny. However, he saw how brightly Jean was smiling.

He clenched his fists and his expression turned gloomy.

It seemed as though Jean had been quick to rekindle her relationship with Ethan. What's worse was that she looked genuinely happy.

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