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   Chapter 43 She's Really Gone

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Dejected, Zed returned to the sofa. Lost in thoughts of Jean and the Weibo incident, he squeezed and unsqueezed the empty bottle in his hand. All of a sudden, he looked at the computer on the desk. When he noticed the page was prompting him for the password, Zed sat upright. He had never told Jean the password to his computer. And her cell phone was not working either.

"Was Jean set up? Did someone else send the message?' Zed wondered.

He thought over their confrontation and all of Jean's arguments, right from the clothing store till Zed had asked her to leave. Not once had Jean brought up Ethan. Instead, the whole time, she had seemed very confused as though she didn't know what Zed was talking about at all. "Is it possible that I accused her of something she didn't do?" Zed said to himself.

He kept circling back to the fact that the Weibo had been sent and verified through Jean's account. 'Could it be that she went to an internet café?' Zed thought.

A sense of foreboding filled Zed. To verify all the facts, he called his secretary.

"Check where Jean sent that message from. Be quick!" Zed ordered.

Till then, the secretary had no idea why Zed had stormed out of the meeting earlier that morning. Now, he realized that Zed had been upset about something related to Jean. He quickly scribbled the details Zed provided during the call and then looked into the IP address of that message.

A few minutes later, Zed received a call from his secretary. The address showed that the message originated at the Wen family house. This left Zed even more confused. Jean had disowned her father, so she would not return there. Moreover, he had found her in the department store. There was no way for her to update her Weibo at the Wen family house and then reach the department store before Zed. The times just didn't add up.

"Oh my god! I blamed Jean for something she didn't do." Zed muttered.

In a hurry, he dropped the bottle and rushed out to look for Jean. But unfortunately, he didn't see her.

Zed thought, 'She left only a little while ago. She couldn't have gone far! Maybe I can catch up with her if I drive.' Zed rushed back into the driveway and got into his car. Despite driving around for a long time, Zed saw no sign of Jean anywhere near his villa.

"Jean, are you a rabbit? How did you disappear so fast?" Zed cried in frustration. He frowned and regretted what he had said to Jean. He was so angry that his thoughts became a jumbled mess. It took a few minutes for Zed to think of what he should do next.

Zed took out his mobile phone and started the GPS. Then he face-palmed himself. Zed sighed as he cursed himself, "You're such a fool. Do you have no brains in your head?" he mumbled to himself.

Jean's mobile phone was not working and she had thrown the credit card onto the ground before she left the villa. How was he going to track her with the GPS? What was worse, she had disowned her family, so she couldn't go home. This made it more challeng

re else. I don't have a rental business." The owner waved his hand to refuse her. He didn't understand her plight and refused to show compassion.

"You have sold it? How could you sell it so quickly? I just went to have a meal!" Jean cried out. She found that hard to believe.

"Of course, business is great. Don't stay here and dissuade other customers from coming to my shop. That will cost me. Just get out of my sight." The owner was becoming impatient because he was afraid that Jean would regret selling the phone for such a low cost and negotiate with him for more.

Depressed, Jean left the mobile shop. As she stepped out of the store, she shivered when a cold gust hit her. She sighed helplessly.

"Jean?" Hearing a familiar voice, Jean turned around and saw Ethan.

When Jean made eye contact with Ethan, her face suddenly became hot. She lowered her head and hurriedly reached out to wipe her burning lips. She felt embarrassed to meet Ethan in this condition.

"Why aren't you dressed warmly?" With these words, Ethan took off his coat and put it over Jean's shoulders.

Bundled in Ethan's coat, Jean sighed in relief. Then she looked at him gratefully and said, "Thank you very much!"

"It is cold here. Let's talk in the car." Ethan said as he stretched out his hand to hold Jean's. Just as he was about to touch her cold fingers, she moved her hand to refuse.

Nervously, she tugged at the coat and looked at Ethan awkwardly.

"Get in the car, please." Seeing that she was uncomfortable, Ethan didn't insist on holding her hand. Instead, he opened the passenger door for her.

Jean knew she had no choice but to get into Ethan's car.

On the other side of the road, Zed watched as Jean climbed into Ethan's car. With the help of the GPS, he had tracked Ethan to the store. Just as he was about to open the car door and step out, Zed saw Ethan and Jean speaking. Zed wanted to stop Jean from getting into Ethan's car but he felt as though his legs were made of lead.

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