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   Chapter 42 Do You Have To Pretend

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In the meeting room

Zed's phone kept buzzing. He put down the proposal and took up his phone to check who was messaging him so urgently.

There were several messages from Zack Xing.

"Zed, check out Weibo. You are on top of the search list."

"Don't be too upset. Come to my club tonight. You can have all my good wine, " wrote Zack.

Zed clicked on the link shared by Zack. A few seconds later, Weibo's top search section loaded on his phone. When Zed saw the post and pictures about Jean and Ethan, his face darkened.


He slammed his phone on the table.

In the meeting room, everyone had been sluggishly listening to the report, but Zed's sudden reaction made them straighten up and read the proposal attentively.

The secretary who was recording the meeting was startled. She leaned forward and asked softly, "Mr. Qi, are you not satisfied with the proposal?"

"Yes, I am very unsatisfied. Redo it, "

Zed roared with anger before standing. He grabbed his phone and left the meeting room. As he waited for the elevator, he dialed Jean's number.

He had just warned the woman in the morning. Now she dared to post such a photo. What was she up to?

She had just met Ethan at the party. Within days, she was so eager to reunite with him.

"Sorry, the phone you dialed cannot be reached."

The elevator door closed slowly. Zed ended the call when he heard the recorded message. He suddenly remembered that Jean's phone had gotten wet last night.

He reckoned that Jean would not be at home. But how could he find her since she couldn't be reached?

While he was wondering, Zed received a message on his phone.

"Dear gold card holder, you card ending in 7888 has been charged 288 dollars at the Migo Dessert in East Department Store."

Zed squinted as he read the message. Having learned of Jean's whereabouts, he quickly reached out and pressed the underground button which would take him to the parking lot.

With nothing better to do all day, Jean decided to get her phone fixed. She had found a repair shop at the closest department store. While they fixed her phone, she decided to pass the time by wandering about. Seeing the dessert store, she stopped for a durian crepe cake. As she continued exploring,

es, you said earlier that I could use the card. If you are unwilling, divorce me quickly, or I will max out your card."

He strode over to her and tossed the laptop on the table beside Jean. She was startled by the loud noise. He glared at Jean as he spoke, "Do you have to pretend? Do you enjoy being on the top of the search list? Do you want to make me divorce you in that way? Jean, you take yourself too seriously, " said Zed.

Jean furrowed her brow as she wondered why Zed was making such a scene.

"Okay. You win! You like Ethan Lei, right? So be with him. Get out now!" said Zed. He couldn't take her nonchalance anymore. He pointed to the door with a furious expression to emphasize his point.

"Zed, you..."

Jean felt wronged. Hadn't he asked her to use his card? Why would he be so upset about it? Even if he was angry for a reason known only by him, did her action merit being thrown out?

"Get out!"

He roared again. He didn't want to hear her excuses.

Jean was stunned for a few seconds. Then she clenched her fists, pressed her lips, and walked toward the door. Suddenly, she stopped, took out the gold card from her wallet, and tossed it to the floor. As Zed glared at the card on the floor, he heard the door to the villa slamming shut.

Alone in the villa, Zed was finally able to breathe. He walked over to the fridge, took out a bottle of iced water, and took several long sips. Though the anger in his heart seemed to be settling, he crushed the empty bottle.

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