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   Chapter 41 CEO Of Qi Group Was Cheated On By His Sweet Wife

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"Take marriage seriously? Aren't you the one who doesn't take marriage seriously? You married me for commercial benefit. Despite our agreement, you keep refusing to divorce me. How is any of this my fault?"

Jean's stomach turned with the rage she was feeling. She had never wanted this marriage. It had all been arranged by her father. Now, when she asked when they were going to get divorced, Zed was accusing her of being flippant.

"No matter what the conditions of our marriage, the fact still remains that we are married. We've even consummated our marriage! That makes us a real couple. Could you please stop bringing up the divorce?" He was clearly warning her with the cold expression in his eyes.

"But... But..."

She hemmed and hawed as she thought of an argument to counter Zed's remark. However, Jean failed to put her thoughts into words.

"I hope you'll comply with your duty as a wife and stay away from Ethan Lei in the future." Zed's slender eyes narrowed as he made his position clear. Despite the fact that he was clarifying his expectations to Jean, just the mention of Ethan Lei brought up his anger.

"I, I... Wait. Do you mean that you are not going to divorce me?" After hearing what he said, Jean finally understood how Zed felt about the issue.

Zed didn't reply. Instead, he raised an eyebrow as though daring Jean to think otherwise. It was about time! He had been so insistent on not getting the divorce that she should have figured it out much sooner.

Jean was getting a little anxious. She held onto his arm and shook it, "Didn't we make an agreement that we will get divorced after the cooperation ends?"

"Yes, we did. But you broke the rules, didn't you?" Not wanting to go into the intimate details, Zed raised his eyebrows slightly.

Jean frowned as she thought of their discussions. She suddenly remembered that she slept with him initiatively for the land. Then she remembered all the other things she had done after that.

The more she thought about it, the more red her cheeks became.

"So, what's it gonna take to get you to divorce me?" She asked him in a guilty whisper as she lowered her gaze to the floor.

"When I'm satisfied with your service, I will consider it." There was a slight smile playing on Zed's lips. 'It's so easy to get what I want. Instead of negotiating or demanding, she just agrees. Such a silly girl.'

She raised he

t teaching Jean Wen a lesson? What are you going to do?" Winner's interest in the computer game had died completely. Teaching Jean Wen a lesson was so much more interesting than a computer game!

"Let's go to her room and have a look." Shirley seemed to have recalled something and dragged Winner out of his room.

Winner glanced at the computer before following Shirley.

Once in Jean's room, Shirley and Winner navigated all the clutter to get to her study table. While Shirley began thoroughly searching every drawer, she asked Winner to turn on the computer.

After a long and exhausting search, Shirley and Winner had found nothing useful. Just as they were ready to give up, they stumbled across several photos in her bookcase.

"Winner, open the browser and see if Jean Wen has saved her password for Weibo's login page." Shirley was excited. She knew exactly what to do with the photos.

Winner opened the website and logged into Jean's Weibo, "Sis, I got in."

"All right. Scan the photos and send them to the computer. I will edit the title first." Shirley said as she handed the photos to Winner. Then she sat on the chair, pulled the keyboard closer, and began typing.

"Ethan Lei, I haven't forgotten you after all this time. You are still my favorite!" Shirley typed these lines and attached the photos of Jean with Ethan. She posted on Weibo using Jean's account and then contacted several gossip bloggers to forward it. It didn't take long for the post to become popular.

The clicks on the topic, "CEO Of Qi Group Was Cheated On By His Sweet Wife, " kept rising quickly.

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