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   Chapter 40 I Have Difficulty Falling Asleep In The Guest Room

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After careful thinking, Jean realized that it was unnecessary for her to explain her relationship with Ethan to Zed.

Although Jean and Zed were bound together by marriage, Jean believed that they were not affectionate toward each other. As they were not a real couple, it was only a matter of time before they divorced.

Jean limped into the bedroom, and then slammed the door and slid the deadbolt into place.

'Why is Jean so angry? Don't I have the right to be angry?' Zed thought to himself. Although Zed had pushed Jean to the ground rudely, he still held Jean responsible for the incident. After all, she had annoyed him. Since she was to blame, he did not understand why Jean got angry more intensely than he did.

Zed Qi furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to solve this puzzle.

Unable to come up with a satisfactory answer, he decided to confront Jean. He went straight up to the bedroom door and began knocking on it repeatedly and forcefully. However, no one answered him.

"Jean Wen, open the door! Now!" Zed was so furious that he shouted at Jean.

"No! No! No!" Jean insisted on not opening the door for Zed.

"No? You are in my home and occupying my bedroom. How can you refuse? Open the door!"

"I... will not open the door, unless you apologize to me!"

"Apologize? Why should I apologize? It is your fault. You should apologize!"

"Is that so? Fine! If you are going to argue with me, you can stay in whichever room you like except for this bedroom!"

Jean was ill-tempered indeed.

Jean and Zed quarreled like that for a long time. Between shouting at Jean, pacing in the hall, and hammering on the door, there was nothing else that Zed could do. Jean was adamant. As frustration mounted, Zed's face darkened.

A few moments later, Zed lost his patience and raised his hand again to knock at the door.

However, Zed did not get any response from Jean. Fed up with the situation, Jean had crawled into bed. Each time Zed hammered on the door, she would worry that the force he was using would break the door. She pulled the quilt up to her chin and pursed her lips as she glared at the door. When she didn't hear anything, her ears pricked. She was curious about how long Zed would keep knocking. Anyhow, she had made the resolution to ignore him.

"May I request you to open the door, please?"

As soon as Zed realized that his tough attitude would not ease conflicts between him and Jean, he became polite and gentle. When Jean heard Zed's request, she couldn't help bursting into laughter. However, she covered her mouth to prevent Zed from hearing her.

"Jean, I'd like some fresh clothes. I need to take a bath." Zed attempted to speak with a calm voice although his face was still black with rage. When he still didn't receive a response, he pounded on the door.

Jean, who had hopped out of bed to fetch Zed's belongings, waited till he stopped pounding on the door. Then she tip-toed to the door and stuck her ear against it. As soon as she heard footsteps and felt assured that he was walking away, she unbolted the door and tossed his clothes and towel out.

Zed was flabbergasted. He hadn't expected Jean

shook her head and said, "You don't know how to cook?"

"Is Ethan Lei capable of cooking?" Zed turned to glare at Jean, and questioned her in a jealous tone.

At Zed's mention of Ethan, Jean froze for a few seconds. She hadn't expected Zed to bring up Ethan. It took her a while to process Zed's question. Then she nodded as she answered, "The omelet rice he makes is very delicious."

As soon as Zed heard Jean speaking highly of Ethan, his face became darker, and his eyes seemed to spark with fury!

However, Jean had only answered the question he asked.

It suddenly occurred to Jean that Zed and Eva had been alone together for a long time last night. She guessed that their relationship had progressed. However, since Jean's mobile phone was broken, it was difficult for her to speak with Eva and find out what had transpired. Jean could have asked Zed, but she felt embarrassed at the thought. Therefore, she decided to figure it out by means of devious questioning.

"By the way, when will we start the divorce proceedings?"

After thinking it over carefully, Jean raised the tricky question. As per her rationale, this question would accomplish two things. First, it would help Jean avoid awkward situations between her and Zed, and through his answer, she would learn whether Zed and Eva's relationship was progressing.

If Zed and Eva had reconciled, Eva would be reluctant to let Jean remain as Zed's wife and Zed would have decided to accelerate the divorce procedure.

Jean believed that her question was smart, and she soon became excited to see whether her assumption was right or not. She stared at Zed with an expectant expression.

As soon as Zed heard the question, he turned to glare at Jean. His eyes were as cold as ice and his face twisted with rage.

"What? Are you so eager to eat the omelet rice Ethan Lei makes ?"

"Ah?" Jean had just asked Zed when they would get divorced. She didn't understand how Zed had connected her question with Ethan's omelet rice.

"Jean Wen, do you not take marriage seriously? Does it amuse you to speak of divorce all the time ?"

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