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   Chapter 39 Dating Someone While Married

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Half an hour ago. In the deluxe suite at the top of the hotel, Eva thought she could win over Zed in no time but she was pushed away by him.

"Enough, Eva. Nothing is going to happen between you and me. Stop wasting time on me."

He proceeded to walk away from her. Ignoring the shameless woman, he opened the door and left.

"Bang!" the door shut hard, Eva's body trembled and tears returned to flow down her cheeks. She crouched on the floor and cried.

"What did I do wrong? Why can't we be together? Am I not good enough for you? How can Jean be better than me? What did she have that I don't? whimpers......"

After walking out of the hotel, Zed took out his phone and started calling Jean. At first his call could go through but it changed to the busy signal almost instantly.

He wasn't going to be angry at her but at this point, his rage said otherwise.

"Damn it, where did she go? Did she really go out to get other friends?" How dare she leave him alone with Eva.

He went searching by the seaside but Jean was no where to be seen.

"Was that woman trying to drown herself?"

"I don't know. She was still breathing when she was rescued, she should be fine."

Zed felt nervous as he overheard the conversation. He was worried that something might have happened to Jean.

When he decided to ask the passers-by who they were talking about, they were already far gone.

He frowned his eyebrows and slowed his pace down towards his car. He got in his car, turned on the GPS to locate her but to no avail. He could not locate her if her phone was powered off.

He threw his phone towards the passenger seat, clenched his fists as he hit the steering wheel hard.

He started the car and was ready to head back.

The car drove on the road slowly. Having passed two traffic lights, he saw a female figure resembling that of Jean's, he squinted to make sure.

Ethan came into his sight out of nowhere and he hugged Jean!

"So she went for him ?"

Witnessing all that, Zed was so

spital. I was too hungry and tired to talk so I did not explain the situation to him. He might have misunderstood something, so......"

Her voice was getting softer by the minute. She was almost whispering to herself by the end of her explanation.

"What is your relationship with him?" He glared at her, making her unable to lie.

She felt guilty for some reason. She licked her lips before raising her head to looking at him. She asked "You mean, the past or the present?"

Zed said nothing but his glare was more than enough to serve as a warning.

Jean swallowed her saliva and explained in a low voice.

"We used to date but we broke up two years ago."

She looked at him again and continued, "We haven't been in touch since then. The party you took me last time was the first encounter since my break up with him."

As it turned out, Ethan was her ex-boyfriend.

Zed got angrier but he was able to contain his anger to himself. He pushed the her away.

Jean lost her footing from the pain of her injury and stumbled to the floor.

He did not intend to hurt her as he did not know that her feet was hurt. After noticing the redness on her sole. He felt sorry for his action and offered his hand to try to help her up.

"Don't bother."

She was slightly upset. She slapped his hand away and stood up on her own.

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