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   Chapter 38 Isn't Married Life Great

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At this moment, Jean was walking along the beach. Her shoes sank into the sand the moment she stepped on the beach so she took off her shoes and held them in her hand.

A wave of spindrift dashed over her calves and soon retreated back to the sea.

She turned back and looked at the top of that hotel. Light blue neon was still twinkling, she frowned a bit.

She thought to herself, maybe those two had met each other by now or they had already made up?

The images of those two getting physically intimate kept flashing in her mind. and she felt that her heart ached.

There were many people by the sea tonight, the weather was great and the view by the sea was broad. She could see the starry sky by just lifting her head. How romantic!.

Several couples passed by her, she looked around. It seemed that only she was all by herself on the beach, so lonely.

She sighed. As she got ready to make her way to the shore, her foot hit something hard. She moved away to find the sole of her foot scratched by the object.

"Tsk......" She frowned and squatted to inspect. It was a sea shell. Since the sole of her foot was scratched, the pain got more intense when the sea water brushed.

She lifted her injured foot and was ready to take a closer look when the wave rushed towards her again. She lost balance and fell onto the puddle of sea water. When the wave retreated, it swept her towards the sea.

The retreating wave took her into the sea, wave after wave, she was gradually pulled into the deeper parts.

She thought she didn't get swept too far off and it should be shallow, but when she stretched her legs to touch the ground, the sea water had submerged her shoulders. She panicked upon realizing that.

"Help! I can't swim, Help!" She shouted frantically. A stinging sensation could be felt from her injured foot, it seemed that some sand might have gotten into the wound.

Another wave hit over her head. It made her swallow a lot of sea water!

"Help, help me......"

Many people on shore heard her plead for help but no one moved.

She thought to herself, 'To hell with it, who on earth wants to have a relationship with you, a total playboy! Can't you tell that I am starving and weak? Stop that gibberish talk and give me something to eat......'

Ethan looked at her depressed face, wanting to touch her cheek but Jean turned away. He felt a little embarrassed and put his hand away.

"I know what you are worrying about, rest assured, I will wait until you get divorced."

Cough...... Cough......

She was about to spit at him but his statement choked her instead.

"What happened, Jean? Doctor! Doctor!"

Ethan rushed out to get the doctor.

Jean used this chance to get out of her bed. She ran out of the ward with all the strength she could uttered and when she tried to call for a cab, Ethan caught up and grabbed her by the arm.

"Don't take it too hard, okay? I know Zed must have been treating you badly, but now you have me, I will protect you!" Ethan pulled Jean intensely.

"No, you got it wrong. I wasn't trying to suicide......" Jean explained helplessly. She wanted to escape his grip but couldn't.

He tightened his hold on her in fear that she would suddenly rush out to the road. It was hard to keep her in place with all the struggling so he pulled her to an embrace instead.

Meanwhile, Zed was driving back and attempting to call Jean but she couldn't be reached.

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