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   Chapter 37 I Am Giving Myself To You

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Jean dazed for a moment before leaving the room. She felt as though she was being discarded after having been taken advantage of. Jean felt depressed watching the door slowly close behind her.

'I am, after all, not the protagonist tonight.'

Jean whispered to herself. She then left the hotel and went for a walk along the beach alone.

Not long after, Zed arrived at the hotel. Before ringing the doorbell, he fixed his collar and checked his pockets for the gift he had prepared. After confirming the box of the gift, Zed was ready to ring the bell.

Ding Dong--

Eva who had been waiting by the door, hurried to open it the moment she heard the bell.

"Zed, you are here. Come on in."

Eva excitedly pulled Zed's hand and invited him inside the room, closing the door behind them.

Zed was surprised to see Eva. He scanned the room to look for Jean. He was beginning to feel angry, and he wanted to ask Jean why she hadn't told him Eva would be here.

His search was in vain, Jean was no where to be found.

Eva realized Zed knew something was up, so she quickly explained "Isn't there a gemini meteor shower tonight? I heard it was once in a century, so I invited Jean..."

"Where is Jean?" Zed asked before letting Eva finish.

"She went out to get other friends. She will come back soon."

Eva made up an excuse in hurry.

Zed didn't say anything but cursed in his head, 'Damn girl. I'll teach you a lesson once you come back.'

"Zed, let's have a seat at the balcony, shall we?" Eva asked.

Zed walked to the balcony. He felt better after seeing all the blue balloons on the floor. A sweet fragrance, which came from the bottle on the table, caught his attention. Upon closer inspection, he found that it was his favorite brand of whisky.

"Are you the one who decorated the room?"

Eva was taken by surprise but quickly replied "Yes. I remember your favori

d from the sight.

Eva stepped out of her skirt and hugged him from behind "Zed, I want to give myself to you. Please take me, okay?"

Her voice trembled and her tone humble as she begged him.

Eva was a beautiful woman with an attractive figure. As long as she wished for it, any men would fall for her. Yet, she remained obsessed with Zed, not one else but Zed.

"Eva, do you know what you are doing? Stop it!"

Zed denied her harshly.

"Of course I know. I want to give the one thing I treasure most to the man I love." The corner of her lips curled to a sweet smile. 'I have already taken the drastic measure, so there is no way Zed would deny me, right?

As long as we have sex tonight, I won't have to worry about his loving for another girl any more.' Eva thought.

"Zed, don't you want to have a look at me?" Eva asked with her seductive tone. Her hands slowly crept under his coat, reaching for his tie and gently loosened it, pacing herself to move in front of him.

With passionate gaze she stared at him and pursed her lips. She raised her brows and carefully took off his coat.

She then put her hands over the collars of Zed's shirt. Her fingers lightly traced the apple of his throat and she whispered to him "Zed, I love you..."

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