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   Chapter 36 Are You Flirting With Me

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Jean was so shy that she covered her eyes with her hands and said, "No, I am not!"

"Well, are you flirting with me? This is the sixth time." He smiled charmingly.

Jean covered her eyes with one hand and covered her mouth with the other. She did not dare to speak again. She feared she would say something that would encourage Zed some more. Instead she focused on controlling her heartbeat.

As for seducing, it seemed that he was seducing her!

Jean found it difficult to control her thoughts. Every time she tried, she remembered seeing Zed's passionate eyes when she first woke that morning. Then, she thought of Zed's morning kiss and the feel of his skin against her hands when they fell on the bed.

The more she thought about it, the faster her heart beat.

Plop, plop, plop! It seemed as though her heart was ready to jump out of her chest.

After a few seconds of silence, Jean peeked at Zed through her fingers. Noticing that Zed wasn't in front of her, Jean relaxed and uncovered her eyes. But when she sat up, she found that Zed was changing into his trousers beside the bed.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I'll give you some privacy." Jean hurriedly spoke before covering her eyes and rushing out of the bedroom.

Once in front of the refrigerator, Jean grabbed a bottle of ice water, unscrewed the cap, and took a huge gulp to help herself calm down.

"Don't drink too much cold water."

Zed said as he removed the bottle from Jean's hands and threw it into the trash can.

"There is hot water in the water dispenser. Warm water helps avoid cramps during menstrual periods."

Jean shifted her gaze to the floor and nodded innocently. She looked like a child who had been admonished for doing something wrong.

Zed reached out and gently played with Jean's hair. "I have to go to the company now. If you get bored, you can go shopping and use my credit card. But... don't visit the stores related to my company."

Hearing that, Jean lowered her head even further. She was so embarrassed that Jean wished she would disappear.

"I am afraid people will gossip about you. It's not good for your reputation." He explained.

After Zed left, Jean gradually settled. Her embarrassment reduced and she stopped flushing. As time passed, she felt depressed. Zed had given her his credit card and allowed her to decide the usage of that land. Since he kept treating her so nicely did that mean that he wasn't going to divorce her?

Jean's mobile phone vibrated.

sted her mood, took her handbag, and went out.

At the seaside villa, Jean booked the best room with an open-air balcony. It would be the prefect place to watch the meteor shower!

Zed liked blue. So, she bought a lot of blue balloons and decorated the room with them. Then she sprayed the perfume that he liked.

After the decoration, Jean stood on the balcony and looked at everything she had carefully prepared. She couldn't help but sigh. "In the past, to please you, I made every effort to learn about your preferences. Finally, that knowledge has come in handy."


When the door bell rang, Jean was shaken from her morose thoughts. She hurried to open the door.

She was startled to see Eva. In her absentmindedness, Jean had expected to see Zed. Eva was wearing an elegant long tube dress that showed her light-complexioned shoulders. She had worn makeup and styled her hair as well. Eva had certainly made an effort to dress for the occasion.

"You look so beautiful!" Jean could not help praising her.

"Thank you." Eva walked into the room and looked at the decorations inside. She noted that everything from the color choice to the furnishings, were according to Zed's preferences. Eva felt a bit unhappy and turned to look at Jean.

"Did you do all this by yourself? It seems that you know Zed well!"

Jean nodded but then hurriedly shook her head. "All his preferences can be found on Google. I have researched them online. Please don't misunderstand me."

"Oh, really? Anyway, thank you." After saying that, Eva held Jean's hands and spoke again, "Zed should be here soon. Could you please leave before he arrives?"

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