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   Chapter 35 Make Me Feel Bad On Purpose

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Seeing Henry's reaction, Jean couldn't help but feel devastated. She felt as though she was falling into an abyss of sorrow for her father's indifferent attitude towards their family bond.

Although all this happened inside the ward, Zed who was standing at the door knew what his wife was suffering. His eyes reflected the sadness he felt. He couldn't image how Jean lived in such an environment for over two decades. Had she ever felt any real family care and love? With feelings of hatred toward her family and sympathy for Jean in mind, he clenched his fist slightly.

However, he thought, 'Jean, just say goodbye to this heartless family. I will be your protector for the rest of your life.'

After a short while, Jean came out from the ward. She looked as though a part of her soul had died. She was so lost in thoughts of how cruel her family was and the prodigious sorrow that followed and so, she didn't hear Zed's call.

Zed walked to Jean and held her shoulders with his huge and warm hands.

When she was touched, Jean was startled and trembled. Once she realized Zed was holding her, she turned and placed her head on Zed's shoulder for some comfort. Then, they left the hospital without saying another word.

Shirley, Jean's disowned sister, stood at the door of the inpatient ward. She watched Zed and Jean's interaction. Their intimacy filled her heart with envy. To evade her mixed feelings, Shirley turned back to the room.

"Mom, is it prudent to break our relationship with Jean and her husband? I know that if we sign that paper, we'll get the land we want. However, Zed is much more important to us for he is a man with great power and wealth. If we break our bond with Jean like this, we will never be able to take any advantage of Zed."

Henry, who had been busy signing the agreement to sever their relations with Jean, stopped. His hand was suspended in air as he pondered over what Shirley had said. He needed a moment to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of their actions.

Joy who had been filing her fingernails, didn't react to Shirley's question. She had her own thoughts about Zed and Jean's relationship and didn't agree with Shirley. She rolled her eyes at her daughter, Shirley and said, "The impending divorce is the only reason Jean asked for her Residence Booklet. It must be true that Zed is bound to divorce Jean. Zed is interested in Jean now because she is new to him. So Zed's care and love for Jean are only temporary. After a short period, he is certain to get tired of her. Then, he will leave Jean. We all know Zed's social status, as well as his enormous wealth. Obviously, he is not the kind of man that will be satisfied with Jean as his partner. As far as I am concerned, they are certain to fall apart within the next week or so."

After hearing Joy's explanation, Shirley moved closer to her mother. She pouted as she latched on to her mother's arm. Shirley shook her mother's arm as she spoke, "If only I had been the one to marry Zed. There would be more chances and we would have better relations with him. It is also possible that I could have manipulated Zed into giving us what we want."

Joy stood up suddenly and threw off her daughter's hand. She pointed at Shirley's head with a finger and said, "Are you insane? If you had married Zed and then divorced, you would be a s

m. Zed was standing in front of the closet deliberating over what clothes to wear.

Since he had removed his pajama shirt, she could see his well-muscled back. He was in such great shape. Desire overwhelmed Jean as she admired his beautiful body.

She was stunned for a short while. Then she noticed a scratch on his arm. Throwing away the towel in her hands, Jean walked toward Zed. She grabbed his arm and carefully studied the injury.

"Did I do this? Sorry, Zed, yesterday, I was kind of..... Come on, sit down, I am going to apply some medicine."

Jean turned to fetch the medical care box. She tripped as she walked past Zed. Jean tried to avoid stepping on his toes, but failed. She lost her balance and fell.


At the very moment, she reached out to support herself, but managed to grab Zed instead. Not expecting her reaction, Zed lost his balance as well. They fell on the bed. When Jean's mind cleared, she realized she had fallen on top of him. Her hands were awkwardly placed on his chest.

"Sor... Sorry... Zed, I did not do that on purpose."

She moved her hands away in embarrassment.

With a sly smile, Zed rolled Jean under him. Once upright, he placed his arms on each side of Jean and gazed at her. He titled his head sideways and fixed his eyes on her lips.

Jean blushed a furious crimson. Unable to look at Zed, she shifted her gaze, only to find herself staring at his muscular chest. Every time Zed moved even the slightest, his abdomen muscles rippled. Jean found herself mesmerized and unable to control her impulse to reach out and trace his well-shaped abdominal muscles.

"Honey, you know, you have seduced me four times since you woke this morning. Are you seriously trying to make me feel bad just because you are having your menstrual period?"

Filled with desire for Jean, Zed's voice was huskier than before. Jean was so spellbound. It felt as though she had drunk a bottle of whisky.

"I have seduced you? Four times?" Jean blinked and looked at Zed innocently.

"You see that!" he exclaimed. "You are seducing me right now with your big, cute eyes. Counting this, its now five times!" The passion reflected in Zed's eyes clearly indicated his attraction toward Jean.

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