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   Chapter 34 Sever the Father-daughter Relationship

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"No wonder she is short-tempered now." Zed whispered to himself. His eyebrows were furrowed as usual. He changed his clothes, went to the living room, and took out his mobile phone to call his secretary.

"Go to the ZH Villa and copy the surveillance video of the back garden from earlier today. If they ask any questions, tell them I lost something there."

"Yes, I'll get right to it."

After ending the call, Zed turned on the computer and searched for articles about menstrual periods. He made some notes and memorized important points.

Zed felt guilty when he thought about how rude he had been. He felt a strong desire to make it up to Jean. Once in the kitchen, Zed realized that they didn't have brown sugar or heating pastes.

Without hesitating, Zed put on his coat and went to the nearest convenience store. When researching online, he had found a list of suggested items to keep in the house. Once at the store, he pulled out the paper on which he had noted the list and started buying the items.

By the time he returned to the villa, Jean had already crawled into bed. Zed watched her curiously. Although his bed was massive in size, she had curled into a small ball in one corner. She looked so tiny and vulnerable.

Zed carried forward the steaming cup of brown sugar water.

The light sweet smell of the brown sugar permeated through the room. Jean woke and turned to the door. She raised an eyebrow when she saw Zed walking toward the bed with a bag of goods in his left hand and the cup in his right hand.

"I have made a cup of brown sugar water. I also went to the store and bought some essential products for you. If I missed something, or if I bought the wrong item, tell me. I will get it for you." He opened the bag as he spoke.

Seeing period products of various brands in the bag, Jean's anger gradually disappeared. She hadn't forgiven Zed, however. So she deliberately kept a straight face and said, "Mr. Qi is really considerate. You even have good knowledge of everything women need during their menstrual period."

'Did he care for Eva like this during her menstrual periods when they were together?' she wondered.

"I didn't know about all this. I had to search on the internet. That's where I found these suggestions. Now, would you like to drink the sugar water? If not, then tell me so that I can dispose of it." Zed was a little displeased for being sneered at by Jean. He had been considerate and helpful. Why wasn't she being appreciative?

Since this was Zed's first experience with menstrual periods, he felt shy. He couldn't look at Jean and fidgeted as he waited for her to reply. Noticing his awkwardness, Jean giggled. She understood from his tone that it was time to stop teasing Zed. She hurriedly reached for the tepid brown sugar water, gently blew on it, and then drank it in

d night for so long. He even asked someone to make a planning map of that land. He had expected the land to help increase business for the Wen Group. Now, after failure to acquire that land, the anxiety he feels…"

Jean's expression darkened. She said, "So much has happened because of that land. Since it causes so much trouble, I can't give it to dad."

Hearing that, Henry almost jumped out of the bed. Fortunately, Joy hurriedly squeezed his hands and gestured that he should stay calm.

"Jean, your dad has always been short-tempered and I have also made many mistakes. But for the sake of our family affection, could you please help your dad? He isn't young anymore. I fear his body cannot take so much stress. What if something happens to him due to excessive anxiety?" Joy cried.

Jean's expression hardened as she understood what her family was trying to do. They had arranged all this just to manipulate her into giving them that land. Ever since Henry first asked her to acquire the land, she had faced nothing but challenges. From her marriage to Zed to the beatings to the kidnapping, everything had been arranged for by her family. She was so tired of it all!

"Don't talk about family affection with me. Since my mother passed away, I haven't felt any family affection. If you want that land, sign a contract to sever our father-daughter relationship. Then I will give you the land."

Frustrated that her family could only think of personal gain, Jean offered them a choice. It was either going to be the land or her. They could choose only one. Jean also wanted to take this opportunity to test whether her family would be loyal to her or not. She still had traces of hope that her father would pick her. If he truly cared about her, he would give up the land.

Hearing this, Henry pulled off the oxygen mask, stared at Jean with greed-filled eyes, and said, "Really?"

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